Corona: flu vaccination reduces the risk of infection – guide


Anyone who gets a flu vaccination apparently takes two precautions. A new study of the University of Michigan should prove: the influenza vaccination also protects against corona!

The researchers were able to show that people who had been vaccinated against the flu had a significantly lower likelihood of contracting the corona virus. Anyone who caught the virus anyway had a much milder course of the disease, according to the experts working with Marion Hofmann Bowman, professor of internal medicine and cardiology.

The researchers reviewed the data of more than 27,000 patients who were tested for corona infection between March and mid-July 2020. Of the nearly 13,000 who had a flu shot the previous year, 4 percent tested positive. Of the 14,000 who didn’t get a flu shot, 5 percent tested positive. In addition, people who had received a flu vaccination had to be hospitalized significantly less often.

How exactly the connection between flu vaccination and Covid protection is, is still unclear. The researchers have different theories. “It is plausible that there could be a direct biological effect of the flu vaccine on the immune system and against the SARS-CoV-2 virus,” said Hoffmann.
This is now to be clarified through further studies. According to the scientists, another important aspect could be that people who are vaccinated against the flu are generally more cautious and adhere more conscientiously to distance and hygiene rules.

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Corona flu vaccination reduces risk infection guide


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