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Who can say exactly whether the Chancellor and Prime Minister rely on the principle of luck or “head in the sand”, whether they let themselves be blinded by smoke candles and empty phrases with the best of intentions – a hygiene concept, model experiment or spring effect are just three examples. In the shadow of the debates about the rising number of infections, the German Ethics Council held a symposium on the subject of triage a few days ago, which can be seen as preparation for the impending catastrophe.

As a reminder, triage is a concept of military medicine; it is intended to help doctors make the extremely difficult decision as to which patient is to be saved from a severe shortage of personnel and materials; and which one to let die. The mere fact that it is necessary to even discuss such questions does not seem to bother anyone.

Many doctors and nurses feel abandoned

For weeks and months all serious scientists have been warning of the mutant B 1.1.7., Of the great suffering that is coming over the country – but their voices are fading in the Berlin government fog. “When it’s full, it’s full,” say some intensive care physicians and shrug their shoulders; that seems pragmatic, but it is a sign of resignation and frustration. The calculations are made in beds and ventilation machines, which fits perfectly with this anonymous word “health system”.

But it is people with souls and worries who have to care for highly infectious patients in intensive care units day and night under full protection. It is people in this “system” who are afraid of actually having to decide soon which of their patients they are trying to save and which are not. There are people at the forefront of pandemic defense who now have to deal with criminal law, uninvited and actually avoidable – is a triage decision against the life of a patient actually homicide by omission?

Many doctors and many nurses feel abandoned and wonder how they can withstand the enormous pressure even longer while the state fails to protect its citizens and, most importantly, its medical staff. The consistent hiding of all warning notices means that the hospital staff becomes the last buffer stop in society. But of course, intensive care medicine will somehow fix the mess – that is the unspoken but always thoughtful sentence. Until the collapse.

You always have to be aware that not only Sars-CoV-2, but also heart attacks, tumor diseases and strokes bring people to hospitals in this country. Hopefully someone will be able to receive them there.

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Corona hospital staff forgotten health


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