Corona hotspot Dermbach: Wartburgkreis closes schools and kindergartens


Only emergency care in schools and kindergartens

Due to the increased number of infections, all schools and kindergartens in the district will be closed from Monday. According to the district office, the reason is that the district will likely exceed the seven-day incidence of 200 new corona infections at the weekend. Therefore, a new general decree was issued to give those involved planning security. The city of Eisenach is therefore not affected. There is emergency care for kindergarten children and first to sixth graders.

According to state regulations, schools and kindergartens must be closed immediately if the seven-day value reaches 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. District councilor Rosenstengel said the district office had no other choice. Even if the corona situation in the northern Wartburg district is comparatively relaxed, schools and daycare centers could not only be closed in part of the district.

The mayor of Treffurt, Michael Reinz (independent) told MDR TH√úRINGEN that he would have preferred a decision based on regional concerns. He also pointed out that the communities in the northern part of the district have significantly fewer corona cases. Even Eisenach is currently at the incidence below the mark of 100.

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Corona hotspot Dermbach Wartburgkreis closes schools kindergartens


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