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What to do when it is forbidden to be outside. Philip Grözinger draws his alter ego in a protective suit that films a squirrel on the balcony and watches the video over a beer in the evening. Georg Diez notes his thoughts on the subject of shutdown with constant tenacity. Even if the days look suspiciously alike after a few weeks: “But at least it creates a space for thinking, and these spaces are getting narrower every day, every hour.”

The (record) drawings by the artist and the author will soon come together and appear as a text-image medley in Frohmann Verlag: “Blogdown – Notes on the Crisis.” It is worth doing the handy hardcover right now. Diez and Grözinger will begin their recordings on March 18, 2020. This pandemic has already been going on for a whole year, and both descriptions of the state are both remote and immediate. Anyone who reads it relives the months again – from three different perspectives.

Corona and no end

“Life is stopped, as if on command,” said Diez on the first day, and Grözinger paints himself in the studio while painting. Still rooted in everyday life, but with such a distance that the virus is hiding behind the screen, ready to jump. When Diez asks about the duration of the individual isolation, we smile mildly because a year further and more cunningly we know from retrospect that there will be no easy end.

But when he states on March 21st that the politicians inside are obviously only reacting – while Grözinger’s guy in protective suit envies the blackbird’s freedom on that day – we listen: Diez noticed early on what is now a topic everywhere . Which is probably also due to the fact that he has been a political journalist for a long time. And while the faceless creature in the Berlin artist’s pictures is patiently stacking pizza boxes, ironing protective suits or making a yes-no-maybe generator, Diez demands of his readers to use the empty time: “The challenge is that To combine rescue with reform, to be smart and alert enough not to panic repeat the old mistakes. “

Desire and will drift apart

You already feel caught out. Less revolutionary than Grözinger’s fate devoted figure, who is already happy on page 121 in the simplified shutdown when she can visit a few galleries. Until you realize that even with Diez, desire and will drift apart quite a bit; that he calls for overthrow and at the same time wishes his old life back. “Blogdown” is actually the book about the crisis because it reflects the reluctant feelings; strange as well as own. On the last page, Grözinger’s little man counts the days like a prisoner. It will still have to paint a few lines on the wall.

“Blogdown – Notes on the Crisis”, Frohmann Verlag, 166 pp., 34 euros

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Corona art ironing suits waiting ideas culture


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