Corona in Germany: Despite warnings and lockdown demands: Openings in federal states


In view of the increasing corona cases, doctors are warning of overloading the intensive care units in Germany. At the same time, several federal states are easing.

Frankfurt – The last meeting of the Prime Ministers and Angela Merkel is only over a few days, a new Corona summit is already being called for. In view of the increasing number of cases in Germany, a hard lockdown is called for. But not all federal states want to support this decision.

Winfried Kretschmann (Greens), Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, has promised new talks about a lockdown for the beginning of next week, but not in the large group. “First of all, we all think about such things,” said Kretschmann on Saturday evening in Stuttgart. “We also have to discuss this with other countries in advance, with the Federal Chancellery. We just see that the numbers are literally racing up. ”During the talks on Monday and Tuesday, one has to“ come to terms ”. He did not mention bringing forward the next Corona summit – currently planned for April 12.

Lauterbach calls for a two-week corona lockdown and criticizes easing

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach spoke out in the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” (Sunday edition) for an earlier corona summit and rigid measures in the corona pandemic. Two weeks of nationwide curfews should be decided there. He also spoke out against pilot projects in which measures can be relaxed under certain circumstances. “No openings, no model projects. We don’t need Jugend forscht now, ”warned Karl Lauterbach in view of the incidence values.

Meanwhile, there is just such a move in Berlin, where on the one hand the first corona easing in trade and culture is to remain, but at the same time stricter rules are being introduced and supplemented, especially for tests. This means that the agreed “emergency brake” will not be enforced in the way it was originally planned. The emergency brake is also being weakened in Baden-Württemberg, in areas with more than 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week, no harder contact restrictions are to be introduced. The country announced this on Sunday (March 28, 2021).

Lockdown measures are also being lifted in Saarland. Lauterbach called this approach in the “Tagesspiegel” “lack of solidarity”. With the openings, the Saarland “destroys our entire embassy”. The country had previously received additional doses of the vaccine because it is a border region with France and the South African mutant is spreading there.

Markus Söder: The Corona emergency brake needs to be implemented consistently

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) criticized the opening policy of some of his counterparts. “The corona situation is coming to a head, some countries have unfortunately not yet understood the seriousness of the situation,” he told the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Monday edition). However, he canceled new talks between the federal and state governments. “It doesn’t need constant new discussions, but the consistent implementation of the emergency brake.”

The different lockdown strategies of the countries are counterproductive in the fight against the corona pandemic. “The patchwork quilt in the fight against corona must be ended, this includes exit restrictions such as in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg,” he emphasized. “It is now needed in all cities and districts in Germany with an incidence of over 100.” How great the confusion and the lack of communication between the countries is, is shown by the fact that Söder apparently spoke of the easing in neighboring Baden-Württemberg in his interview didn’t know anything yet.

Chancellor Helge Braun (CDU) also calls for a tougher approach. “If the number of infections rises rapidly parallel to the vaccination, the risk increases that the next virus mutation will become immune to the vaccine,” he told “Bild am Sonntag”. Should the virus mutate again, “we would be left empty-handed again,” said Braun. In that case, new vaccines would be needed. His demand in the fight against Corona: regional exit restrictions.

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Corona: Doctors in Germany warn of excessive demands on the intensive care units

“We are running into doom with our eyesight,” warned the President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), Gernot Marx, on Sunday. He is calling for a tough lockdown for two to three weeks over the Easter holidays in order to reduce the number of corona cases. “This will save numerous lives and protect even more from lifelong long-term consequences of Covid,” declared Marx. Every patient who is spared the intensive care unit is worth the effort. “Our patients are marked for life,” he emphasized.

His colleague Steffen Weber-Carstens warned that the situation between Christmas and January was getting closer. The intensive care doctor from the Berlin Charité emphasized that the population did not even notice how tight it was. At that time, numerous patients from east or central Germany were flown north to relieve the hospitals. He already received the first inquiries for supra-regional relocations this week.

More corona patients in intensive care units: “I dare to doubt whether we can handle it”

There is no way around a hard lockdown, said the scientific director of the DIVI intensive care registry, Christian Karagiannidis. “The only question is when it will be triggered.” The corona patients in the intensive care units are quickly increasing again. According to the DIVI intensive care register, the number of Covid 19 intensive care patients has jumped from 2727 to 3448 since March 10. Karagiannidis expects more than 4,500 patients. “If a hard lockdown is then decided, we will manage to lower the curve again at just over 5000.” If one waits longer, the number will rise to more than 6000 people. “I dare to doubt whether we can handle it,” said the intensive care doctor. (Sebastian Richter)

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