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Status: 29.03.2021 6:30 a.m.

According to the new Corona regulation, municipalities with high incidence values ​​should be able to impose curfews. Where are the values ​​in the critical area?

The permanent arrangement of a curfew is provided from a seven-day incidence (cases per 100,000 inhabitants) of 150 – provided that this situation is permanent according to the assessment of the local authority. From an incidence value of 100, the municipality can impose a curfew. Exit restrictions should also only be possible in parts of a district or a city.

These municipalities are above the incidence value of 150 (as of Sunday, March 28)

  • Salzgitter (City) 215.7
  • Emsland (district) 211.7
  • Cloppenburg (district) 202.1
  • Osnabrück (city) 200.9
  • Leer (district) 182.7
  • Wesermarsch (district) 182, 2
  • Gifhorn (district) 173.9
  • Peine (district) 164.7
  • Oldenburg (district) 153.6
  • Hanover (region) 152.1

The incidence value exceeds 100 in these municipalities:

  • Braunschweig (city) 105.0
  • Celle (district) 149.7
  • Delmenhorst (city) 131.5
  • Emden (city) 110.2
  • Hameln-Pyrmont (district) 103.0
  • Harburg (district) 114.4
  • Hildesheim (district) 110.2
  • Osnabrück (district) 141.6
  • Rotenburg / Wü (district) 103.2
  • Schaumburg (district) 124.8
  • Vechta (district) 133.7
  • Wittmund (district) 101.9
  • Wolfsburg (city) 119.0

The districts of Goslar and Nienburg (Weser), for example, show that things can be done better: In these two municipalities, the incidence value is the lowest nationwide and is 40.4.

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