Corona incidence in the Unna district now over 100


The number of people newly infected with the corona virus continues to rise in the Unna district. Now the circle has exceeded an important limit again. The weekly incidence is 101.5.

The value indicates how many new infections per 100,000 inhabitants were officially reported in seven days. And this situation is getting worse in the Unna district. According to the Landeszentrum Gesundheit, the number of new infections rose by 77 on Sunday (March 28) compared to the previous day. Currently, 660 people in the district are considered infected.

Lockdown or test option

The weekly incidence in the Unna district was last over 100 at the end of January. Then the situation relaxed. In February and again at the beginning of March, the value had even approached 50.
Now the pandemic situation in the Unna district may have to be assessed differently again. From this Monday, the “emergency brake” must be pulled if the value is over 100 on three consecutive days. This means that loosening for the retail trade, for sports or cultural institutions either ceases to exist or can only be used with a daily negative test.

Crucial days

Back to the strict lockdown or test option: The district of Unna would have to decide this in coordination with the state. The incidence figures on Monday and Tuesday will determine whether it is necessary.

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Corona incidence Unna district


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