Corona lockdown in Hesse tightened (March 29, 2021): Sales from Monday only in front of the shop door


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On Monday (March 29th, 2021), Hessen will have to adjust to new corona rules again in the pandemic. The measures decided at a glance:

Frankfurt am Main – The easing of the Corona crisis lasted only briefly: From next Monday, March 29th, entering clothing stores or hardware stores will be taboo again. Selling out of the shop door is still allowed. Nothing will change for bookstores or garden centers. They stay open. Closed rooms cannot open to the public – for example museums.

This provides for the so-called emergency brake that the Hessian state government has pulled. The federal-state conference had decided that easing must be withdrawn if the number of reported new infections with corona per 100,000 inhabitants is above the 100 mark within seven days. In Hesse, the state-wide value applies.

Pigeons peck for food undisturbed in the pedestrian zone of Oberursel, in which there is little activity due to the corona-related lockdown.

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Corona in Hessen: Lockdown applies until April 18

Otherwise, the state government in Wiesbaden has extended the existing lockdown rules until April 18: In Hesse, two households of up to five people over the age of 14 can meet and do sports together. Zoos, botanical gardens and open-air museums will remain open. Fitness studios, hairdressers, beauty salons as well. Outdoor sports for children under the age of 14 are possible in groups.

An overview of the applicable corona measures

  • Easter: The contact restrictions remain unchanged over the holidays. Meetings with a maximum of five people from two different households are allowed.
  • Rest days: The Easter rest days planned after the Prime Minister’s Conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel are off the table. The existing rules are also retained on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
  • Hotels and restaurants: Overnight stays are still not permitted. Prime Minister Volker Bouffier announced rapid financial aid for the companies concerned.
  • Curfew: In Hesse, no nationwide curfew will be introduced for the time being. However, it is up to the municipalities whether they issue a temporary curfew, linked to the incidence value.
  • Retirement and nursing homes: From April 1st, visits to old people’s and nursing homes should be possible again. Two people a day should be able to visit a patient.
  • Zoos and botanical gardens: The outdoor areas of zoos and botanical gardens remain open.
  • Museums and exhibitions: For the time being, none of the closed exhibition spaces are allowed to receive any visitors.
  • Gyms: You can continue to train in fitness studios – but only under strict restrictions. A maximum of one person is allowed to train on an area of ​​40 square meters.
  • Church services: There will be no restrictions on church services. The Hessian state government in the form of Bouffier appeals, above all, to the Catholic and Protestant churches to hold services virtually at Easter.

In addition, if the incidence is high, cities and districts can react with more stringent restrictions: These can be night curfews, school closings or urgent recommendations to daycare parents to look after their offspring at home. (Jutta Rippegather)

Headline list image: © Frank Rumpenhorst

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Corona lockdown Hesse tightened March Sales Monday front shop door


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