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“Easter calm” from April 1st to 6th is supposed to reduce the number of infections and protect intensive care beds. Ludwig sees a clear sign in the measure that the situation is serious, opening steps canceled.

Vienna (OTS / RK) Easter silence instead of opening steps: in Vienna and the neighboring federal states of Lower Austria and Burgenland, trade closes from April 1 to 6, and schools are also switching back to “Distance Learning”. In addition, the range of tests is being expanded, and stricter rules apply to commuters, as well as when wearing the FFP2 mask.

“As governors, we are ready to take responsibility, even in a difficult situation. With these measures, we have put together a package for the eastern region that is far-reaching and will hopefully also have positive effects on the number of infections and the occupancy of hospital beds. If we don’t see results very quickly, we have to take measures beyond those already taken. “

Vienna’s Mayor Michael Ludwig emphasized this today, Wednesday, in a media talk after the talks between the Ministry of Health and the governors of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland on further corona measures.

“We see that the British mutation has serious effects,” said Ludwig. “The British mutation is spreading in different age cohorts, in different groups of society than the original variant of the virus. It often spreads in schools, at work and in private surroundings, ”said Ludwig. Vienna was only switched from red to orange as a federal state at the Corona traffic light a few weeks ago, now the situation has changed within a few weeks. In order to curb the spread of the virus, an “Easter rest” from Maundy Thursday to Easter Tuesday is now needed.

In view of the increasing number of infections and increasing stress on the intensive care units in the hospitals, Mayor Ludwig advocated consistent action in all three federal states of the so-called eastern region, because the three federal states of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland as the eastern region are closely linked. That is why a uniform approach would have been particularly important, emphasized the city chief. The decisive factor for the measures now announced were, in particular, the urgent warnings from the experts, which have clearly shown the current drastic development, said Ludwig.

All opening steps that were planned a few weeks ago, such as pub gardens or controlled outdoor meetings, have been canceled until further notice, according to Ludwig: “We all have to go through another eight to ten weeks together until a larger part of the population is vaccinated. Only then can we consider meeting again in a larger circle. “

Handel is taking an Easter break, more PCR tests and stricter mask rules, “distance learning” instead of lessons in the classes after Easter

In order to prevent further infections, service providers and retailers in the eastern region – with the exception of the food trade – will be closed from April 1st to 6th. There is also a curfew over the Easter holidays. In future, an FFP2 mask requirement will also apply indoors at workplaces if more than two people are in the room, as well as outdoors in heavily frequented locations. The home office is to be further promoted at the workplace.

As already announced by Mayor Ludwig, the range of PCR tests will be expanded, and in future tests will be carried out twice a week in the companies. Commuters will also need two tests a week in the future. After the “Easter rest” there will also be an access test to retail. The Wiener Gurgel-Test for companies, the program “Alles gurgelt!”, Is being rolled out on a broad basis. Details should be given on Friday, said Ludwig.

The pupils are also supposed to return to their classes a week later – they will stay in “Distance Learning” after the holidays from April 5th to 9th. Upon their return, PCR tests will also be carried out at the schools.

All measures are to be evaluated and checked together with the Ministry of Health after one week.

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