Corona media conference in the live ticker – BAG boss: “There should be an internationally recognized vaccination certificate by the summer”


The number of cases is rising, and a data debacle in the electronic vaccination booklet damages trust. Exponents from the BAG and the task force comment on the current corona situation. The live ticker for reading.

The essentials in brief:

  • The vaccination campaign is having an impact. According to the BAG, the proportion of people over 80 in hospitals is falling markedly.

  • A serious data leak in the electronic vaccination booklet is currently causing an uproar.

  • At the intervention of the data protection officer, the platform was taken offline on Tuesday, and proceedings were initiated.

  • The BAG distances itself from the private foundation that operates and that was supported with federal funds.

  • In order to separate roles, BAG representative Virginie Masserey is stepping down from the Board of Trustees.

The media conference is over. Thanks for your interest. A summary follows shortly.

Masserey: «I cannot comment on that. There were many vaccine candidates. We negotiated with the most promising candidates, especially manufacturers of mRna vaccines, and bought large quantities. “

Schüpbach: “So far we have lacked the legal basis for a vaccination certificate. And vaccines were also missing. There are still many questions unanswered. “

Lévy: «Every day new questions arise in connection with the pandemic. It is ‘learning by doing’, we are constantly trying to improve. “

Lévy: “I trust the population to differentiate between a vaccination box and an international, forgery-proof certificate. If we look at the numbers, everyone wants to be vaccinated. “

Gattoni: “I don’t have any exact numbers at the moment. But we have several providers and there are large quantities available. “

Lévy: “We work with private individuals and the responsible federal office, among others. We try to have everyone on board from the start so that we can implement an introduction in the summer. ”

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Masserey: “It cannot be ruled out that there will be further discussions. Otherwise we will not comment on discussions with vaccine manufacturers. ”

Lévy: “It is true that we support the foundation. It is not only the FOPH that supports this foundation. We all have to see how the foundation will continue to function. ”

Masserey: “I recently joined the Board of Trustees. But only as an expert. I will leave, however, so that there is no overlap and the various roles are clarified. “

Virginie Masserey from the BAG announces her resignation from the foundation board of

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Lévy: “That is the subject of tomorrow’s meeting of the Confederation and the cantons.”

Lévy: “It’s a private foundation that we financed with money.”

Lévy: “That would be even easier, for the airport or the border guards. But the question does not arise because we do not have the legal basis for it. ”

Lévy: “We want to work with the private sector, the certificate should be useful, we want the best solution.” They also work with the universities.

Lévy: «There has been no change of direction. It’s two different things. They wanted the vaccination box electronically, it has nothing to do with a forgery-proof and internationally recognized Covid-19 certificate. »

Lévy replies that a change and a conversion of the pharmacies are necessary in order for testing to be practicable.

The journalists present can now ask questions.

Ackermann takes the floor.

Different scenarios of the possible effects of different pandemic measures have been modeled.

This made it clear: “The current measures cannot prevent the hospitals from becoming overburdened.”

“The numbers show that the vaccinations are working. As long as we have not significantly increased the number of people vaccinated in Switzerland, we must continue to take care of our health system. ” A faster vaccination would greatly improve the situation in the intensive care units.

The scenarios were about when the measures could be scaled back without risking an increase in the number of cases. “The models show: less speed when opening, but more speed when inoculating.” So you can enjoy the summer carefree.

From a scientific point of view, achieving the highest possible vaccination rate is of the utmost importance, says task force boss Ackermann

From a scientific point of view, achieving the highest possible vaccination rate is of the utmost importance, says task force boss Ackermann

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Repetitive testing in companies should be possible repeatedly and free of charge. Lévy assures that enough tests are available and available.

Now Lévy is talking about The introduction of a vaccination certificate had nothing to do with it, but the incident was worrying. The security gaps are unacceptable.

The vaccination booklet MyCovidVac was never about a certificate version, but simply about having the booklet electronically. Nevertheless, data protection is central, that was part of the contracts.

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Anne Lévy is now taking over. She talks about the introduction of a Covid vaccination certificate. It should be forgery-proof and available both on paper and digitally. «The data is not stored centrally. The aim is to have a Covid-19 vaccination certificate by summer. The first priority is the proof of vaccination. ” Afterwards you can also take in those who have recovered, etc. Whether a certificate can then be used for travel is a political decision. “The certificate is voluntary.”

BAG director Anne Lévy has announced an internationally recognized and forgery-proof vaccination certificate by the summer.

BAG director Anne Lévy has announced an internationally recognized and forgery-proof vaccination certificate by the summer.

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