Corona pandemic – AstraZeneca vaccination now recommended in Austria from 65


“The vaccination campaign will continue to pick up speed”, stressed Minister of Health Rudi Anschober (Greens). Elderly and people at risk now have “absolute priority,” said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) after a video conference with the governors. The Chancellor went on to say that what was most important had been agreed, and that logistical issues were also being discussed on an ongoing basis.

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However, Kurz emphasized that vaccination appointments that had already been promised for younger people, such as teachers, would not be canceled. The Chancellor was confident that after the reassessment by the NIG and in compliance with the promised delivery quantities of all vaccine manufacturers, everyone over 65 “will receive his vaccination in April”.

This would prevent difficult courses “in the course of the third wave” and save lives. All three approved vaccines could now be used for people over the age of 65. “That is important,” explained Kurz. Because older people in particular are often affected by severe courses.

The goal of making a vaccine available to every person in Austria by the summer is one step closer, said Anschober in a statement to the APA. Due to the limited data situation, a recommendation had been made in many countries to vaccinate people under 65 years of age in particular. This was also the previous recommendation of the NIG.

Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt, scientific chairman of the National Vaccination Committee, emphasized on Friday afternoon in the press statement with the Federal Chancellor that the AstraZeneca vaccine had already been approved for older people, and that the recommendation was now significantly adapted due to the new data, ” that is the task of the committee “, emphasized Wiedermann-Schmidt,” our documents are living documents – now the focus is on older patients and high-risk patients with serious underlying diseases.

Regarding any skepticism about the vaccine developed by the AstraZeneca group together with the University of Oxford, the Chancellor referred to the words of Wiedermann-Schmidt, who explained their unfoundedness with reference to the now robust data situation in the efficacy studies. Kurz also declared himself the potential candidate for immunization with the vaccine: “As soon as it is my turn, I will be happy to be vaccinated to show that I trust the vaccine”.

According to a study by the University of Oxford, the AstraZeneca vaccine is also said to be effective against the highly contagious mutant of the coronavirus from Brazil, a person familiar with the investigation told Reuters.

Thus, the vaccine does not have to be matched to the variant from the Amazon city of Manaus. This is currently spreading rapidly worldwide and sporadic suspected cases of B.1.1.28 have already been reported in Austria. Botond Ponner, Medical Director of AstraZeneca Austria, pointed out the solid data on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine in a statement to the APA: “It contributes to faster, nationwide protection of the Austrian population.”

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Corona pandemic AstraZeneca vaccination recommended Austria


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