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As of: 03/28/2021 7:07 a.m.

Chancellery chief Braun fears a setback in the corona pandemic due to resistant mutations. The rail works council is pushing for faster vaccinations for employees. All developments in the live blog.

  • RKI reports more than 17,000 new infections
  • Braun warns of resistant corona mutations
  • Railway works council is pushing for faster vaccinations for employees
  • Lauterbach calls for even stricter measures

07:07 am

All of France is considered a high incidence area

All of France is now considered a high incidence area. The classification previously carried out by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) came into force. Until further notice, the border may only be crossed if there is a negative corona test that is not older than 48 hours. France is in the middle of the third corona wave. The seven-day incidence is well over 300 new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Because of this, the lockdown was extended to three other departments. Shops had to close and citizens’ freedom of movement was restricted. In total, the stricter corona requirements affect 19 administrative districts with more than 23 million people.

06:48 am

Barcelona: 5000 music fans at a test concert

Five thousand music fans danced and singed in Barcelona in a test concert approved by the government. This was to determine whether larger live events can also be carried out safely under corona conditions. “It will be safer in the stadium than anywhere else on the streets,” said co-organizer Jordi Herreruela of the Reuters news agency. The fans had to undergo rapid corona tests in three test centers before the event. Those who tested negative were allowed to attend the concert with a mask after health checks at the entrance. The cost of the tests and masks were included in the entrance fee.

Concert of the rock band “Love of Lesbian”: In Barcelona, ​​5000 music fans danced and said for a test at a live event under pandemic conditions.


06:39 am

Study on Covid-19: Death rate in university clinics fell in 2020

According to a study, the death rate among Covid 19 patients in German university hospitals fell significantly in the course of 2020. From the point of view of the scientists, this can be evidence of improved treatments and increasing experience of the clinical teams in the pandemic, said a research group from the University of Erlangen. She examined hospital stays of around 1300 Covid-19 patients in 14 German university hospitals from January to September 2020. The good news: The analysis shows a decrease in the average death rate from initially 20.7 percent (January to April) to 12.7 percent ( May to September).

But there are also many downsides: Overall, almost a fifth of all Covid patients (18.8 percent) died in the 14 university clinics from January to September. In ventilated people, the death rate in the first section from January to April was even 39.8 percent. In the later period from May to September it fell slightly to around a third (33.7 percent).

06:37 am

Fewer cash withdrawals in the pandemic

During the Corona crisis, significantly fewer people withdrew cash from ATMs. “As a result of the Corona crisis, the demand for cash at our ATMs has plummeted by 75 percent,” said Kersten Trojanus, managing director of the ATM operator IC Cash and spokesman for the working group for ATMs of the “Welt am Sonntag”. Around 1000 of the 5000 ATMs in Germany have already been taken out of service, 200 to 300 have been completely dismantled. The banks also recorded a significant slump in demand for cash.

06:35 am

Karliczek: No rapid development of Covid-19 drugs

Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek has dampened expectations of the rapid development of new Covid-19 drugs. “There will probably not be a single pill against Covid-19,” Karliczek told the newspapers of the “Funke” media group. However, there are some promising approaches that are massively supported by the federal government. Even without the development of special drugs, seriously ill Covid 19 patients could be helped much better today than at the beginning of the pandemic.

05:51 am

RKI reports 17,176 new infections

According to the figures on the dashboard published by the Robert Koch Institute, the health authorities reported 17,176 further corona cases within 24 hours. The death toll from infection rose by 90.

The seven-day incidence increases to 129.7. Yesterday it was 124.9. The value indicates how many people are infected with the pathogen per 100,000 inhabitants per week.

05:44 am

Haseloff defends Prime Minister conference

Federal Council President Reiner Haseloff continues to rely on the meetings of the federal and state governments to coordinate the procedure in the corona pandemic. “The Prime Minister’s Conference is a prerequisite for this federal state to function,” he told the dpa news agency.

At the same time, the state chief of Saxony-Anhalt admitted that the last consultations “did not produce a good result”. The federal government and the prime minister had agreed on an Easter break, but this had to be overturned again. The next meeting must therefore not only leave room for regionally different solutions in its resolutions, but must also be better prepared.

From Haseloff’s point of view, however, the federal structure is the right way to go, as the decision on the interpretation of the measures ultimately lies with the federal states. Regionally different strategies are the right way, according to the CDU politician. For example, curfews in sparsely populated areas made no sense.

5:20 am

Chancellery chief Braun warns of resistant mutations

Chancellery chief Helge Braun fears that in the third wave of the corona pandemic, mutations of the virus could emerge that are resistant to vaccines that have been developed so far. “We are in the most dangerous phase of the pandemic,” said the CDU politician of “Bild am Sonntag”.

If such a mutation spreads, “we would be left empty-handed again,” warned Braun, because then a new vaccine would first have to be found and then “we would have to start all over with the vaccination”.

That is why Braun advised against loosening corona requirements too early in order not to jeopardize “the chance of a normal summer”. At the same time, he expressed the hope that the pandemic will weaken due to “the relieving effect of the vaccination and the start of the warm season in May”. Then travel could be possible again from August.

05:02 am

Railway works council calls for faster vaccinations for employees

The works council of Deutsche Bahn is sounding the alarm: The number of infections among employees went “through the roof”, warned Ralf Damde from the management of the DB Regio general works council in an interview with the editorial network in Germany.

Therefore, the employees should be given the opportunity to get a corona vaccination faster. Damde asked the railway to issue all employees who were ready to be vaccinated with a certificate “that identifies them as employees of the critical infrastructure”. With such a certificate, railway employees belonged to priority group three. In most federal states, however, appointments are currently only assigned for priority group two.

04:46 am

Lauterbach advocates a night curfew

The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has called for stricter corona requirements so that the number of deaths from corona disease does not increase massively. “We have to stay well below 100,000 dead,” said Lauterbach, “in the Tagesspiegel.” Since the outbreak of the pandemic, around 76,000 people across Germany have died in connection with a corona infection.

In order to prevent the death toll from rising as much as possible, Lauterbach quickly called for another corona summit. A night curfew must be decided on this, which should remain in force nationwide for at least two weeks.

Lauterbach also criticized the planned model projects, which are to be tested in regions under which conditions more openings are possible again. “No openings, no model projects,” emphasized the SPD politician. “We don’t need youth research now.”

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Corona pandemic Braun warns vaccineresistant mutations


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