Corona pandemic in Germany: Merkel consults with Prime Minister at short notice on Wednesday – knowledge


But the government is “taking a risk that we may decide to take an Easter break, but not be successful,” said Lauterbach. Then we lose more trust. In some cases, citizens are not trusted to be willing to accept tougher measures if they are successful.“

When testing, it is important that this is done systematically in companies and schools. “I would have found it better if we had made this mandatory,” said Lauterbach, “but there was resistance.” Scientifically, it has clearly been shown that the number of cases decreases if you test a large part of the population, around 40 percent, twice a week. “If I test voluntarily now, for example when shopping (…), then that is also important, but it does not lower the third wave. It just goes on. “(Dpa)

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Corona pandemic Germany Merkel consults Prime Minister short notice Wednesday knowledge


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