Corona party: Belgian football professional sentenced to prison


Antwerp –

This corona party has bitter consequences. The reputation of football has visibly suffered in the 13 months of the pandemic. Misconduct and special rights repeatedly caused a stir. A particularly drastic example from Belgium shows that this impression does not only apply to Germany.

  • Football professional jailed after corona party
  • Police reveal party with 15 participants
  • Lawyers surprise with a strange explanation

There, second division professional Tuur Dierckx (25) from KVC Westerlo hosted a party with 14 guests at home on December 13, 2020, which was finally broken up by the police. A consistent judgment was made against the winger on Monday (March 22nd).

Belgian professional Tuur Dierckx caught at Corona party in his own apartment

The € 800 fine shouldn’t bother the former Belgian U21 international. However, the fact that a court in Antwerp also imposed a month’s imprisonment for the “lockdownfeestje” is a signaling judgment.

When the police were called about the party on December night around 4.30 a.m., host Dierckx was still understanding. He immediately admitted his mistake, while individual guests, including four other footballers, sometimes behaved unfriendly. In addition to a teammate from Westerlo, three players from league competitor KMSK Deinze were among the participants.

The summit: provocatively, the guests said goodbye to each other in front of the police with hugs, handshakes and kisses. No trace of insight.

Court sentenced party pro Tuur Dierckx to one month in prison

To smooth things over, Dierckx worked for a day on January 5 in the Covid ward of a hospital. In court he regretted the party again as a big mistake. All the more surprising are the defenders’ excuses.

According to the Belgian sports portal, they asked the court for indulgence and referred to the corona bubble surrounding football. This is so great that the players can no longer recognize the seriousness of the situation and the need for personal restrictions.

A statement that the court did not accept. Dierckx has been sentenced to one month in prison and, according to attorney Carl De Munck, should be ready to serve the sentence. “A strict judgment, which, however, agrees with decisions in similar cases”, quoted “” the defense attorney, who therefore probably waived an appeal. (bc)

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Corona party Belgian football professional sentenced prison


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