Corona policy: SVP government councilor Schnegg criticizes the Federal Council


The SVP government councilor Pierre Alain Schnegg pursues a consistent corona policy in Bern. But now he is increasingly quarreling with the Federal Council. Schnegg demands a national contact tracing database – and a debate about data protection in the pandemic.

“Apparently the Federal Council still has no medium- and long-term plan,” says the Bernese government councilor Pierre Alain Schnegg.

Annick Ramp / NZZ

No outdoor restaurants, no events, no relief for culture and sport: the Federal Council disappointed many expectations last Friday. In view of the increasing number of cases, this was not entirely unexpected. Another point was rather surprising: At the same time, Health Minister Alain Berset (sp.) Presented a new system of benchmarks that the Federal Council intends to use as a guide in the coming weeks. The “three-phase model” should not only apply until April 14, when the committee next discusses the corona regime, but beyond that until the summer.

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Corona policy SVP government councilor Schnegg criticizes Federal Council


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