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Frank Bachner

The Bethel Hospital donates 17,500 surgical masks to the city mission. Otherwise they would have been thrown away because the hospital uses FFP2 masks.

17,500 mouth and nose masks, distributed in dozens of boxes, are in front of the accommodation to clarify claims on the grounds of the city mission in Lehrter Straße in Mitte, where homeless people live who are to be brought back into the regular system with a lot of time and effort.

Next to it is Hans Weigeldt, the pandemic officer at the Bethel Hospital in Lichterfelde, with a satisfied expression on his face. His clinic donated the surgical masks to the city mission and handed them over on Tuesday.

For Christian Ceconi, the director of the city mission, the gift worth around 8,000 euros is “simply great”. Because through “such donations we can be generous. Now everyone who wants to get a mask ”. Well, at least the around 100 residents of the accommodation for a long time will receive the important masks for clarification of claims, the 100 residents of the emergency shelter of the city mission, which is only a few meters away, as well as 350 people every day who receive emergency aid packages from the city mission .

There is now a mask in every emergency package

The emergency aid packages for the homeless now contain not only food and drinks, but also a mask. Cold buses and soup buses, which are driven by the city mission, also take masks with them and distribute them to those in need. And of course the staff of the city mission are also provided.

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The daily consumption is great. If you want a new mask every day in the accommodation of the city mission, you will also receive one. Some masks also go to one of the 80 facilities that the city mission operates in the capital, old people’s homes, child and youth welfare projects, residential homes for refugees and people with disabilities. 17,500 is a large number, but it won’t last forever.
The Bethel Hospital had actually hoarded the masks for their own use, but then discovered that they were not needed after all. “A few weeks ago, on the pandemic staff, we found that we don’t have to use them because we all use FFP-2 masks,” says Weigeldt. “In addition, the surgical masks have an expiration date, and since we didn’t want to throw them away, the idea came up that we would give them to a charitable institution.”

The city mission needs the masks for financial reasons

The charitable institution is now the city mission, which is happy to accept this gift, if only for financial reasons. “Of course we also got masks that were paid for by the Senate,” says Ceconi, the city mission director, “but if we needed additional masks, then we had to buy them.” This money can now be used to finance other things.
Ceconi is also available in front of the accommodation to clarify claims. Five meters further on, a bald man with a full beard observes the scene with interest. He is waiting for the end of the festive part. The man in his mid-forties is currently staying in the emergency shelter, he has heard what is being handed over here. Minutes later, he will be the first to receive a donated mask.

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Corona protection emergency package Berlin hospital donates masks needy Berlin


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