Corona – Rendi-Wagner: “Federal government loosens into a third wave”


Vienna (OTS / SK) Today, Thursday, SPÖ federal party chairwoman Pamela Rendi-Wagner warned of the increasing number of infections and intensive care patients. “The increasing development is worrying. This trend could be the beginning of a third corona wave in Austria, which is partly caused by the premature openings by the federal government. The government is loosening up into a third wave ”, said Rendi-Wagner, who describes this procedure as“ high risk ”. “The federal government does not have control over the infection process,” says the SPÖ chairwoman. Rendi-Wagner sharply criticizes the fact that the government not only relaxed before this increase, but also announced further easing, especially since Chancellor Kurz himself had predicted a third wave in the German media. ****

“Other countries have shown that there is another way,” said Rendi-Wagner. In Germany and Denmark it was possible to “continue to motivate the population to maintain confidence in the measures and thus to counteract a third wave. Austria, on the other hand, threatens a situation like in November due to the premature uncontrolled openings ”. A third wave will cause “enormous damage”, not only to health, but also to the economy, the labor market and society. “That would be the result of a haphazard open and closed policy in the last few weeks and months for which the government is responsible,” said Rendi-Wagner. (Final) ls / bj

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Corona RendiWagner Federal government loosens wave


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