Corona reporting in Germany – NYT correspondent: “Mood in the media tilted”


A year ago, Germany was still considered a role model when it comes to fighting pandemics, but now the local media are painting the picture that Germany is left behind, politics is chaotic. Most recently, Chancellor Angela Merkel rowed back on the idea of ​​two rest days on Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday and received criticism from politics and media for her approach.

(picture alliance/dpa | Kay Nietfeld)Merkel and “Easter rest” – trust “permanently damaged”
Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has announced that she will take back the “Easter rest” in the corona crisis. The citizens’ trust in the government was “permanently damaged”, according to the political scientist Andrea Römmele.

Is the reporting correct? How do the media from abroad see it? Melissa Eddy is Germany correspondent for the “New York Times” in Berlin. It constitutes a change in the media debate about fighting pandemics.

Changed Corona reporting in the super election year

Initially, the debate was not so political: “Almost everyone was behind the government, very different from the United States,” said Eddy. But now there has been a change. “Now we are in a super election year.” Every political party tries to present itself and the media would play an essential role here.

33D-Modell des Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 (image / Rob Engelaar / Hollandse Hoogte) (image / Rob Engelaar / Hollandse Hoogte)

Mainly because of the “vaccination campaign that has gone wrong recently”, the mood in the media has shifted and the reporting has turned. While the chaotic images came from the USA and Great Britain at the beginning of the pandemic, these countries are now in a comparatively good position.

Overall, however, Germany also performed very well compared to other countries. Unfortunately, very often people only look at the numbers – there is a lack of foresight and international comparison, according to the New York Times correspondent.

February 28, 2020, Berlin: The Federal Government's crisis team comes together for its meeting to discuss further precautions against the new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus.  (picture alliance / Kay Nietfeld / dpa) (picture alliance/Kay Nietfeld/dpa)Corona reporting – lots of numbers, little context?
Critics criticize the media’s focus on the number of infections. But “the number of new infections is our latest measure,” says Dlf science journalist Volkart Wildermuth.

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