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It was evidently well rehearsed, the line of argument was uniform and just as transparent: Pulling an emergency brake just to pull an emergency brake cannot really make sense of an emergency brake. A rather tired-looking Michael Müller emphasized after a long Senate meeting on Saturday evening (early in MPK time) and increasingly annoyed with every question that it would have been much easier to turn back the clock now.

The clock that already showed five past twelve on this Saturday, or in incidence time calculation: five times 100. On Thursday, day three in a row above the emergency braking incidence of 100, the last openings should have been withdrawn – or not.

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Berlin is going a different way. A much more difficult one, as the acting rulers emphasized in abundant turns of words. The emergency brake that was not implemented is definitely an emergency brake and “a step forward”, as Müller said, “not always thinking in the simple categories.” And now just doing “what the MPK decided several months ago” Said Senator for Economic Affairs Ramona Pop (Greens), not necessarily the right way.

For a few weeks, not several months, you want to tell her that the numbers were already rising back then and that reliability is the most important thing in these uncertain times. But it is now fashionable to identify mistakes as such and to correct them. So why not ride on this wave, in the storm of public criticism you can “not absorb every gust”, it was said at the end of the week from Müller’s environment.

Berlin decides to switch from home office

That is not wrong, maybe even a little right, if you consider that from Wednesday Berlin will be the only federal state with real rules for offices. Compulsory home office in the alternate model as in school (hopefully there will be an app for the coordination of family meetings soon), and above all an obligation to test offers – beware of the bogus word. Employers must provide their employees with two tests a week.

In view of a face-to-face work rate that has fallen in Berlin with previous appeals from 70 percent to a staggering 67 percent, an overdue step that was particularly important to Müller. Also to be able to reopen the schools after the Easter break.

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Just not this back and forth again. That is also the reason why the retail trade is not being braked in an emergency. Even here, the responsible senator doesn’t know what the model that has now been decided on is called: “Click and Collect” became “Click an Meet” and now “Test and Click”, Pop read, uh, wait a minute: “Test and Meet” .

In other words: You no longer need an appointment to shop, but you get a negative test result. Incidentally, this also applies to hairdressers who didn’t have to ask for it at first, then thought they had to (false statement pop), then not (sorry!), But now they do. Just no back and forth.

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And yet there is hope that the measures adopted could literally have positive effects. Shopping centers, for example, have to offer test options themselves; Fighting pandemics with the capitalist club – the main thing is that it helps.

A little, maybe. But certainly not enough to stop the development, which has long been beyond control. “I cannot rule out that the lockdown will have to be pulled in the next few weeks,” said Müller. “An extreme situation can arise where something like this will be necessary.” He knows exactly why he says that, and has to say yes: the extreme situation is behind the next gust. And it certainly doesn’t help if you just name them differently.

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