Corona resolutions: Merkel tilts rest days over Easter


Status: 24.03.2021 12:26 p.m.

Chancellor Merkel overturned the decision on the rest days over Easter after massive criticism. Expenses and benefits are not in a good relationship, she said, according to participants at short-term federal-state consultations.

After massive criticism and confusion about the planned Corona Easter break, Chancellor Angela Merkel overturned this regulation from the latest federal-state resolutions. Merkel was quoted as saying by participants in a switching conference with the prime minister that was convened at short notice.

“The mistake is my mistake,” said Merkel accordingly. In the morning she decided not to initiate the regulations on Easter rest, but to stop them. The reason for the decision was that too many follow-up problems would have arisen if Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday had been declared as rest days, as had been decided.

Effort and benefit in not a good ratio

Expenditure and benefit are not in a good relationship, Merkel was quoted by participants in the completely surprisingly convened group with the state heads of government. According to reports, the Prime Ministers expressed their respect for the Chancellor and emphasized the shared responsibility.

According to participants, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder said: “I have personal respect for the Chancellor’s declaration. In the end, it is better to clear things up now if it is not legally possible.” Ultimately, the procedures are “also part of the problem”.

Oliver Köhr, ARD Berlin, with information from the renewed meeting between Merkel and the country leaders

Tagesschau 12:00 p.m., March 24th, 2021

According to participants, NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet pointed out that everyone in the Bund-Länder group had said yes at the end of the night on Tuesday. In a crisis it is good if you prefer to undo problematic things. Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther also reportedly said that it was good to take things back from time to time.

Shortly after the federal-state switch, Laschet confirmed the withdrawal of the measures in the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament. “The regulation by a federal regulation is not planned for Easter now,” he said. After a legal review by various ministries, numerous problems would have emerged. “That was a mistake in this form and so unenforceable.”

Restrict contacts over Easter

After the resolutions of the Bund-Laender Roundtable, displeasure arose above all from the fact that, despite almost twelve-hour discussions, the implementation of key points was still open. It was planned that the Thursday and Saturday rest days should be similar to Sundays or public holidays. On Maundy Thursday the entire economic life should be able to rest, on Holy Saturday only the food trade in the narrower sense should be able to open.

It was initially unclear whether there should be an alternative regulation to get the increasing number of new corona infections under control. According to the dpa news agency, there was initially no thought of convening a new federal-state round at short notice.

The corresponding point on Easter rest – point 4 of the resolutions from early Tuesday morning – will not be implemented. Nevertheless, it is correct to limit contacts individually as much as possible over Easter. It is clear to everyone that further measures are required in the fight against the pandemic, it was said from the group.

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Corona resolutions Merkel tilts rest days Easter


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