Corona showdown in parliament – National Council calls for immediate relaxation of corona measures – News


  • The National Council is demanding that the Federal Council relax the corona measures immediately.
  • He adopted a declaration by the Economic Commission by 97 votes to 90, with 6 abstentions.
  • The declaration is not binding on the Federal Council.

If the National Council has its way, the government should, among other things, open catering, leisure, cultural and sports establishments on March 22nd.

Martin Landolt (BDP / GL) justified the declaration on behalf of the Economic Commission (WAK-N) with the declaration. The Federal Council could not lead through a crisis without taking the population with it.

Strong minority of the commission against declaration

No further explanations are needed, said Prisca Birrer-Heimo (SP / LU) on behalf of the minority. What is needed is a scientific, evidence-based pandemic management with which one can return to a normal life. The desire to override the Federal Council testifies to overconfidence and a lack of confidence in the work of their own Federal Councilors.

The declaration demands that catering companies as well as businesses in the fields of culture, entertainment, leisure and sport be opened on March 22nd. The Federal Council is also requested to lift the five-person rule indoors with immediate effect. In addition, the cantons should immediately be able to use terraces in moderation for take-away operations.

The statement in full

Open the person boxClose the person box

Based on Article 32 of its business regulations, the National Council urges the Federal Council to relax the corona measures as follows:

  • The Federal Council should immediately adjust its strategy: intensified testing and vaccination, vaccination incentives. Instead, more openings and fewer bans.
  • The 5-person rule must also be lifted indoors immediately.
  • The catering companies as well as businesses in the fields of culture, entertainment, leisure and sport are to be kept open from March 22, 2021. The protection concepts necessary to fight the pandemic, such as the limitation of the maximum number of visitors, the maximum number of seats per table or the determination of curfew after 10 p.m., are decided by the Federal Council, unless it delegates responsibility to the cantons.
  • The cantons must be given the opportunity to use the terraces in moderation for take-away operations immediately.
  • An opening strategy and planning security for major cultural and sporting events must be created immediately.

Furthermore, the Federal Council should immediately develop an opening strategy and create planning security for major cultural and sporting events. And in general, the Federal Council should make a strategy adjustment “immediately”. Instead of bans, testing should be intensified and vaccination should be done forwards.

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Corona showdown parliament National Council calls relaxation corona measures News


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