Corona tests for personnel: Business wants to avert compulsory testing


Status: 03/30/2021 2:24 p.m.

For Chancellor Merkel it is clear: Anyone who works in the office or company should be offered a corona test twice a week by the employer. The economy is defending itself against the threat of regulating this by law.

Business associations are resisting the legal obligation of companies, threatened by Chancellor Angela Merkel, to offer their employees weekly corona tests. The Federal Association of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) stated that companies are already being tested for Corona on a large scale. The industry could almost completely make a test offer to employees who work in face-to-face operation by Easter, said BDA managing director Steffen Kampeter on Deutschlandfunk.

“A test law no longer creates protection”

With a view to the possible legal regulation, he criticized the fact that politicians “want to undertake a substitute act on the company in order to demonstrate the ability to act” because the population is dissatisfied. “A test law does not create more protection, but more bureaucracy, more costs, less initiative and a bunch of unresolved legal and organizational questions,” said employer president Rainer Dulger yesterday.

At the start of the test campaign by large business associations, a DIHK survey in mid-March showed that around half of the companies were already offering their employees corona tests or would like to do so shortly. In a significant part of the remaining companies, the workforce does not work in the company. With the remaining fifth of all companies, “great successes have been achieved in the past two or three weeks” to motivate them to offer a test, said Kampeter.

In some places there are still problems with carrying out the self-tests, he admitted. It is also often difficult for small and medium-sized companies to get the necessary tests. But he is assuming, said Kampeter, “that if we present the figures to the federal government after Easter or the experience reports, we can announce a positive result”.

Auto industry sees no lack of commitment

The President of the Association of the Automotive Industry, Hildegard Müller, also rejected allegations that the economy was not doing enough. The industry is “extremely committed” to testing. The companies in the automotive industry continued to intensify their efforts as far as possible.

DGB for compulsory testing

In contrast to employers, the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) supports the statutory regulation of companies offering a test offer for their employees. “Self-commitment alone is not enough. Far too many employers still refuse to live up to their responsibilities,” DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann told the newspapers of the Funke media group. Test offers would have to be compulsory and the employers would have to bear the costs, Hoffmann demanded. For the employees, the tests should still be voluntary, he added.

IG Metall appealed to employers to expand their test offers. “It is the responsibility of the company to now offer a free test to all employees in the company at least once a week,” said the union. Health protection is also the responsibility of companies.

Merkel dissatisfied with the company’s test offer

Chancellor Merkel was on the show on Sunday evening Anne Will shown dissatisfied with the implementation of the self-commitment of the economy that every employee who is not in the home office can be tested twice a week if possible. You have the impression that this is not being implemented across the board. The situation must be clear by April 1. If the impression remains that the self-commitment of the economy is not being implemented across the board, “then we have to do something legally through the occupational health and safety ordinance”.

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Corona tests personnel Business avert compulsory testing


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