Corona ticker Saxony: Compulsory tests at secondary schools from tomorrow


2:22 pm | Tens of thousands of vaccination appointments in Saxony canceled

Due to the stop of corona vaccinations with the active ingredient from Astrazeneca, a total of 47,500 vaccination appointments are canceled in Saxony. Social Affairs Minister Petra Köpping said the vaccine doses were now unused in stock until the federal government and the European Medicines Agency had finally assessed the British-Swedish company’s vaccine.

In addition, the vaccination project and the use of the vaccination buses in Vogtland as well as the model project with around 40 general practitioners cannot start as planned. That was regrettable, said Köpping.

55,000 vaccination doses from Biontech are currently available in Saxony for second vaccinations. 1,800 doses of Moderna are also planned for the second vaccination this week.

1:54 p.m. | Compulsory tests at secondary schools from tomorrow

The postponed compulsory corona test at secondary schools in Saxony will come into force tomorrow. This was announced by the Minister of Culture Christian Piwarz after today’s cabinet meeting. According to this, all students and teachers nationwide must test themselves before the start of lessons. This should take about 20 minutes.

Those who cannot present a negative test result or who do not want to be tested are not allowed to enter the school building. Affected students would then have to study at home. According to his own statement, Piwarz relies on the voluntary nature of the teachers and hopes that no disciplinary measures are necessary.

There is often a misconception and fear about the self-tests. We’re not talking about swabs deep in the nose and throat, we’re talking about tests that go an inch or two into the nose.

Christian Piwarz
Minister of Education in Saxony

The Minister of Education said that at the start of the secondary classes yesterday, voluntary corona rapid tests had already been carried out on around 16,000 schoolchildren. In 18 cases (as of March 16, 11 a.m.) the result was positive. When the graduating classes returned to schools in January, around 17,000 tests had found 34 corona infections.

1:14 p.m. | Real estate prices in Dresden are rising despite the corona crisis

Despite the pandemic, the demand for real estate is apparently unbroken. As announced by the Immowelt portal, prices in cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants have risen sharply in some cases last year. Dresden therefore posted an increase of 20 percent.

The prices for an existing apartment of 80 square meters were examined. Dresden was ahead of Munich or Hamburg in terms of price increases.

12:54 pm | Mayors from the Erzgebirge criticize corona regulations

Before tomorrow’s video conference with Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer (CDU), eight mayors from the Ore Mountains wrote an open letter to him. In it, they criticize Corona regulations in the Free State, which are no longer comprehensible from the point of view of the citizens of their communities.

There is strong criticism in the population for sticking to the incidence value, says Schneeberg’s mayor Ingo Seifert. “On the one hand, saying that we have to increase the number of tests, which will inevitably result in more numbers, and on the other hand, stick to these fixed numbers, 50, 35 and 100 – they no longer fit together,” said Seifert .

11:52 am | Rising number of corona cases in Upper Lusatia

The Robert Koch Institute yesterday reported a corona incidence value of over 100 for both the Bautzen district and the Görlitz district. If this remains the case today and tomorrow, the recent easing will have to be reversed. Among other things, there is a threat of tightened contact restrictions again. This would also affect retail and face-to-face teaching in schools. Museums and zoos would also have to close again.

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Corona ticker Saxony Compulsory tests secondary schools tomorrow


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