Corona ticker Saxony: Kretschmer insists on agreed rules and an emergency brake


1:48 pm | Motorcade and protest against corona restrictions

Opponents of the corona restrictions protested again in Eastern Saxony today. After a car parade, according to reporters, a rally with around 250 people took place on the shooting range in Großschönau. A large contingent of officials secured the demonstration.

In January, a group of people went to the second home of Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) near the rally site and asked him to talk.

1:12 p.m. | Left: More money for Saxony’s municipalities

The left in the Saxon state parliament want to distribute more money to the municipalities in the Free State. The state should pay cities and municipalities 200 million euros more per year through financial equalization, said Mirko Schultze on Sunday in Dresden. The money should serve to make local life more attractive.

The background to this is a special session of parliament next Wednesday, at which the financial equalization law is to be voted on. The pandemic in particular shows that it is important to strengthen the local structures, explained Schultze.

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Corona ticker Saxony Kretschmer insists agreed rules emergency brake


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