Corona ticker Saxony: Vogtland doctors send vaccination appeal to fellow human beings


4:55 pm | The chief doctor of the Zittau corona station dies of corona

The chief doctor of the clinic for internal medicine at the Zittau hospital apparently died of the corona virus. The Sächsische Zeitung reported that. The Oberlausitzer Bergland Clinic has an obituary for Dr. Wolfgang Eipperle published. The doctor had only been working at the Zittau hospital since April last year. Among other things, he was a specialist in intensive care medicine. The corona station at the Zittau hospital worked under his direction. The 61-year-old died on March 11th in the Dresden University Clinic.

3:32 pm | 200 people demonstrate in Zwickau

A good 200 demonstrators gathered in Zwickau on Saturday shortly after 3 p.m. to protest against the corona restrictions. As MDR reporters report, the announced rally on the Square of Friendship of Nations will be flanked by music and balloons. In addition, five to six car corsos could be heard honking their horns at the square. The police are on site with numerous patrol cars. According to reporters, the demonstration is peaceful, but not all participants wear mouth and nose protection. In addition, the distances between people are not corona-compliant everywhere.

3:02 pm | Doctors from the Vogtland region direct vaccinations to fellow human beings

More than 60 doctors and dentists in Vogtland have appealed to their fellow human beings. In it they call on all Vogtlanders to get tested and vaccinated. This helps to reduce the number of infections and return to normal. The appeal goes back to a similar action by 50 doctors from the Hof region at the beginning of the month.

2:55 pm | Wöller: Protection against infection cannot always be implemented

Saxony’s Interior Minister Roland Wöller does not consider infection protection to be enforceable under all circumstances during corona protests by the “lateral thinking” movement. “The police must firstly guarantee the right of assembly, secondly enforce conditions or bans and thirdly take into account protection against infection,” said Wöller of the “Free Press” published in Chemnitz. These are “things that are not possible everywhere, at the same time and all at once in such a way that an entire event remains peaceful”.

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Corona ticker Saxony Vogtland doctors send vaccination appeal fellow human beings


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