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Because, according to the Federal Ministry of Health, less vaccine has to be withheld for the corona second vaccination, vaccination appointments in Schleswig-Holstein can be booked again from today.

Schleswig-Holstein is today (March 27th) approving corona vaccination appointments for a further 16,800 people. These can be called from 11 a.m. as a double appointment for the two necessary vaccinations. The Ministry of Health announced this on Friday. The dates that have now been approved apply exclusively to the vaccination centers in Bad Schwartau, Bad Oldesloe, Gettorf, Norderbrarup, Prisdorf and Elmshorn. Moderna is vaccinated in Elmshorn and Biontech-Pfizer in the five other vaccination centers.

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Vaccine quantities are expected to increase

The background is a change in strategy. Because it is expected that more vaccine can be delivered shortly, the Federal Ministry of Health is now recommending that less vaccine be planned in order to secure the second vaccination. So far, all vaccination appointments for March and April were fully booked. Currently, people from the two groups with the highest priority are being vaccinated. This includes people over 70, with previous illnesses, jobs with a high risk of infection or contact persons for pregnant women and those in need of care.

First vaccinations: vaccination rate at 11.3 percent

According to the Ministry of Health, around 328,000 people in Schleswig-Holstein have received at least the first vaccination against Covid-19 up to and including Thursday. The vaccination rate for first vaccinations is therefore the third highest in Germany at 11.3 percent. For the second vaccination, 3.7 percent is the second lowest value. According to the ministry, around 190,000 of Schleswig-Holsteiners aged 80 and over have now been vaccinated or have made an appointment. This corresponds to around 86 percent of those eligible for vaccination in this age group.

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A virus hovers in front of a crowd (photo montage) © panthermedia, fotolia Photo: Christian Müller

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