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On Saturday (March 27th) from 11 a.m., 16,800 people can make appointments for vaccination with the mRNA vaccines from Biontech-Pfizer and Moderna via the online platform Book The Ministry of Health announced on Friday. These take place exclusively in the vaccination centers in Bad Schwartau, Bad Oldesloe, Gettorf, Norderbrarup, Prisdorf and Elmshorn. Moderna is vaccinated in Elmshorn and Biontech-Pfizer in the five other vaccination centers. Before the start of the allocation process, a waiting area is set up on the website – anyone who has accessed this before the start of the appointment allocation will then be allocated a waiting place. The new dates have become free because the country now wants to put back less vaccine and there was still capacity in the vaccination centers. In addition, the following still applies: If vaccination appointments are canceled, these could be booked by those eligible for vaccination via the site, according to the ministry. People aged 70 and over, with previous illnesses, in professions with a high risk of infection or contact persons for pregnant women and those in need of care are eligible. They are all members of priority groups 1 and 2.

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