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Geneva –

In its report on the expert mission in Wuhan, China, the World Health Organization (WHO) assumes that the novel coronavirus is transmitted to humans by an intermediate host animal.

  • WHO report on Corona origin
  • World Health Organization pretty sure where the coronavirus came from
  • Controversial laboratory thesis consider experts to be “extremely unlikely”

According to the WHO report presented in Geneva on Monday, the pathogen was “likely to very likely” from the bat to another animal and from there to humans.

The thesis that the virus escaped from a laboratory, however, was described as “extremely unlikely”. This assumption about the origin of the pandemic was expressed by former US President Donald Trump, among others.

Corona pandemic: WHO experts examined the origin of the virus

International experts in various disciplines such as zoology and epidemiology searched for the origin of the pandemic for several weeks in January. To do this, they traveled to Wuhan, where the first corona infections were registered in people at the end of 2019. The virus quickly spread around the world. In the meantime, more than 127 million infections have been detected; more than 2.78 million infected people died.

The WHO mission started with some delay and the report was not presented.

The research into the origin of the pandemic is politically sensitive. Under the new President Joe Biden, the USA have repeatedly expressed fears that the WHO report would not be able to disclose all of the findings and indications. Beijing, on the other hand, emphasizes that the WHO mission in Wuhan was only possible thanks to China’s scientific cooperation. (AFP)

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Corona report origin coronavirus


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