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World Medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery questions the temporary stop for vaccinations with Astra Zeneca and fears that the vaccine will damage its image. “The fact that people get thromboses and pulmonary embolisms does not necessarily have to do with the vaccination,” said the doctor to the editorial network in Germany.

The international studies he was aware of said that the frequency of thrombosis was about the same in the placebo group and in the group with the vaccine. However, Montgomery welcomed a thorough review of the incidents.

“The bottom line is, unfortunately, that this actually good and effective vaccine is not gaining greater acceptance among the population in many countries due to the vortex and the vaccination suspension,” emphasized the World Medical President.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) wants to evaluate the information available on the Astra-Zeneca vaccine at a special meeting on Thursday. The safety committee is currently investigating the occurrence of thrombosis in a very small number of people, the EMA said. At the moment, they are still convinced that the advantages of Astra Zeneca in preventing corona infection with the risk of fatal outcome are greater than the risk of side effects.

Astra Zeneca itself has defended its Covid-19 vaccine. The pharmaceutical company does not see an increased risk of blood clots in connection with the vaccine. A careful analysis of all available safety data from more than 17 million people vaccinated with the drug in the European Union and the UK showed no evidence of an increased risk of pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis or a decrease in blood platelets, the said Group on Sunday evening.

Spain and France are also suspending Astra-Zeneca vaccinations

Spain and France have suspended the use of Astra Zeneca’s vaccine. Italy also stopped vaccinations with the vaccine from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company. The local drug authority calls the step a “precautionary and temporary measure”. Previously, individual batches had been confiscated after unexplained deaths in connection with the vaccination.

After reports of complications from blood clots after vaccination, the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Germany have temporarily stopped the use of the vaccine. Austria prohibited the use of certain batches.

In the United States, independent consultants are currently scrutinizing study data on the Astra-Zeneca vaccine to determine its effectiveness and safety. The data come from a US study with 30,000 people. If the results are positive and everything goes according to plan, the US FDA could grant emergency approval for the vaccine in about a month, says NIH chief Francis Collins.

Venezuela refuses Astra Zeneca approval

Venezuela will initially not grant emergency approval to Astra Zeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine. Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez justified the move with the “impact on patients”.

Australia, on the other hand, is continuing its vaccination campaign with the Astra Zeneca vaccine despite concerns about possible serious side effects in Europe. “While the European Medicines Agency is investigating these events, it has reiterated its view that Astra Zeneca’s vaccine is effective in protecting against Covid-19 and should continue to be used in the vaccination campaign,” said the country’s Chief Medical Officer , Paul Kelly.

Eurowings is increasing flights to Mallorca for the Easter holidays

The first plane to Mallorca took off in Hamburg on Sunday morning after the Balearic island is no longer a corona risk area. 153 passengers got on the plane with the flight number “EW 7588” to Palma de Mallorca on Sunday morning, as a spokeswoman for the airline Eurowings reported. This meant that the plane was fully booked.

In general, the spokeswoman said the demand for Mallorca flights was very high. Four more connections were scheduled across Germany for Sunday – all of them fully booked. Larger machines than originally planned were used at two locations, the spokeswoman added.

Due to the great demand, Eurowings has set up 300 additional connections for Easter. According to the regulations of the Balearic Government, only passengers with a negative PCR test are allowed on board. On Friday, the Robert Koch Institute said that Mallorca, the rest of the Balearic Islands and other areas of Spain were no longer risk areas.

Netherlands: riots during corona protests

Shortly before the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, a protest against the Corona measures in The Hague led to riots. About 20 people were arrested, said the Dutch police on Sunday evening. The demonstration had previously been ended by the police because participants did not adhere to the corona rules. Water cannons were also used.

The Dutch elect a new parliament from Monday. For the first time, the parliamentary elections will take place over three days. The reason is the corona pandemic.

Several thousand people protested against the Corona measures in a central square in The Hague in the afternoon. The action was only allowed for 200 people. Protesters refused to obey police orders and refused to leave the square. Thereupon the police evacuated the place.

EU commission vice admits omissions in vaccine orders

EU Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans has admitted that the European Union has failed in terms of vaccination strategy. “It is true that mistakes were made in ordering the vaccines both in Brussels and in the Member States,” Timmermans told the Daily mirror on Sunday. “I am ready to take stock at the end of the pandemic. Then we can see what we did wrong and what we did right.”

In the current situation, however, the first thing to do is to “ensure that all of Europe gets vaccine,” Timmermans said. A European approach was “also in the interests of the richer states” like Germany, added the deputy of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen with a view to the common vaccine order by the EU.

The EU Commission has ordered a total of at least 1.4 billion doses of the four corona vaccines approved in the EU – actually more than enough for the around 450 million Europeans. However, the EU Commission has long been criticized, among other things because its hesitant action and strategic errors when ordering vaccines have been accused. The distribution of vaccine doses among Member States is also felt to be unfair in some EU capitals.

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Corona worldwide AstraZeneca stop France politics


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