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Health experts in Mallorca reacted with indignation to the accusation of SPD politician Karl Lauterbach (58), information about Corona is being tricked on the vacationer island!

“After all, we are not in a banana republic here, but in a seriously and professionally run country,” said the renowned health expert Joan Carles March on Friday “Mallorca Newspaper”.

Antoni Oliver, chief biologist at the Son Espases State Hospital in Palma, where the virus samples from the Balearic Islands are analyzed, said: “Facts are facts, that’s outrageous if they are presented differently.”

Lauterbach had questioned the statement that the more dangerous Corona variant P1 from Brazil had not been found on Mallorca. Literally he said on Thursday evening on the ZDF program “Maybrit Illner”: “There is also still some trickery, I don’t believe a word. I believe that they have long been P1. And I don’t believe the number of cases either. ”
He did not provide any evidence for his statements.

► The Son Espases clinic had already denied the reports that were also circulating in Germany on Tuesday that variant P1 had been diagnosed on Mallorca. “We found variant B.1.1.28. The dangerous variant (from Brazil) is B., also known as P1, ”said the clinic’s spokesman, Juan Carlos González, of the German press agency.

“One should try to look at these issues rationally”

Health expert March showed understanding for the excitement in Germany. He can understand that the nerves are on edge there, not least because of the high Corona values, he told the “Mallorca Zeitung”. “Still, you should try to look at these issues rationally,” he warned.

This also applies to Lauterbach’s accusation that the low corona numbers are not credible.

“The Balearic Islands are one of the regions across Spain where the tracking of the infection chains and the analysis of the data work best,” said March.

The current Corona situation on Malle

At the start of the Easter holidays in Germany, the number of corona infections on Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands is still low.

On the island, where thousands of Germans have been on vacation for days and many more full holiday fliers from Germany were expected from Saturday, there were only a few new infections on Friday. The regional Ministry of Health in Palma announced that 40 new cases have been registered since the previous day.

The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants remained at around 30 within seven days.

For comparison: According to the Robert Koch Institute, the value in Germany was 119.

Despite the low number of cases compared to Germany, the regional government urged great caution. The variant of the coronavirus, which first appeared in Great Britain, has been diagnosed in 83 percent of all new infections, which is more contagious and leads to more severe disease courses.

Holidaymakers in Mallorca are subject to the same restrictions as locals. Upon entry, a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours and an electronic entry report must be presented.

The rules have been tightened for Easter, they are valid from March 26th to April 11th. Restaurants are only allowed to serve outside and must close at 5 p.m. But they can sell food outside the home until 10 p.m. Then the night curfew, which was imposed in October and lasts until 6 a.m., begins.

At a table A maximum of four people from no more than two households may sit in public. In Privaträumen only people from the same household are allowed. Also Hotel room are considered private rooms. You must wear a mask outside of the hotel room, even if you are waiting for your meal in a restaurant.

The common rooms inside hotels must remain closed. This also applies to spas and indoor pools, for example. The communal outdoor areas can continue to be used, but only until 5 p.m. However, the hotel restaurants are allowed to serve until 10 p.m., but only for hotel guests. The hotel bars close at 5 p.m.

By Easter Monday 532 Malle flights

The Spanish airport operator Aena expects 532 flight connections to and from Germany for Mallorca Airport up to and including Easter Monday. The “Mallorca Zeitung” reported on Friday, citing information from Aena for the period from March 26th to April 5th. That is 51 percent less than during the Easter holidays of the last pre-pandemic year 2019.

The federal government removed the Germans’ favorite island from the list of corona risk areas on March 14. This also lifted the Federal Foreign Office’s travel warning.

When bookings rose sharply, the federal government issued an urgent warning against vacation trips to the Mediterranean island.

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