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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 130 children and adolescents in Vienna’s hospitals have been treated for such an infection.
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More and more children and adolescents are infected with the corona virus. Many cure themselves at home, but sometimes a hospital stay is necessary: ​​Since the pandemic began last spring, around 130 children and adolescents have been treated in Viennese hospitals, according to a spokeswoman for the Vienna Health Association on Tuesday. Usually there was a mild course.

Why the children come to the hospital is very different, the spokeswoman continued. For most of them, Covid-19 appears as a “secondary diagnosis”. This is the case, for example, if a child breaks their leg, comes to the hospital and a corona test is positive there. Children are sometimes admitted to the hospital together with their Covid-infected parents.

20 to 30 children and adolescents per month in Vienna’s hospitals due to Corona

But there are also children and adolescents with the main diagnosis of Covid-19 who need medical treatment in the hospital. “This is the case, for example, when the little ones have a fever and that needs to be clarified.”

As a rule, the course of the disease in children and adolescents is mild. But not always: “Oxygen treatment through glasses was necessary for three children. However, they had an underlying disease.” In Vienna, a person under the age of 18 has so far died of or due to Covid-19. She suffered from serious previous illnesses.

In principle, you can become infected with the corona virus at any age, according to the spokeswoman for the health association. According to her observations, she does not see the more contagious British mutation, which now dominates in Vienna, as a higher risk for children and adolescents. “It is not that the British variant is spreading more among children than it is among adults. They are not drivers of pandemics. There are more infections overall.” On average, 15 to 20 children would need hospital treatment every month. This value has been constant for months, the spokeswoman said.

Children and adolescents: mild course, dangerous secondary illness

Even if the course of Covid-19 in children and adolescents is usually rather mild, there is a dangerous secondary illness: They can develop the Mis-C disease weeks after the infection. It is an excessive immune reaction that occurs very rarely, can be life-threatening and requires intensive medical care.

If such a disease occurs, the affected patients are brought to the Donaustadt clinic, which specializes in this, in Vienna. There around 15 children have been treated for Mis-C since the beginning of the pandemic.

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