Coronavirus: Austria orders one million cans of Sputnik vaccine



The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz spoke on the phone with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia will deliver one million doses of its own vaccine Sputnik V from April.

Soon the Sputnik vaccine will also be delivered to Austria.


Negotiations about a vaccine delivery from Russia have been going on for months. Now an agreement could be imminent. That emerges from a broadcast by the Federal Chancellery on Tuesday. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) phoned President Vladimir Putin on February 26th to discuss possible deliveries of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V to Austria.

On the same day, contact was made with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which is responsible for the international sales of Sputnik V. Kurz always emphasized that there should be “no geopolitical blinkers” with the vaccine. The only thing that matters is whether the vaccine is effective and safe.

Sputnik V is vaccinated in 57 countries

«That is why we have had a good exchange with the Russian side since February, for which I am very grateful. If Austria receives an additional million doses of vaccine, an earlier return to normality would be possible and we can save many lives and jobs, ”said the Chancellor.

The staggering stipulates that 300,000 cans will be delivered to Austria in April, 500,000 cans in May and a further 200,000 cans in June. 57 countries around the world are already vaccinating with Sputnik V. In Switzerland, the Russian vaccine has not yet been an issue.


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Coronavirus Austria orders million cans Sputnik vaccine


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