Coronavirus: Gibraltar ends outdoor mask requirement


The banner falls – the beginning of a new everyday life? Without a mask, people in Gibraltar stroll through the streets of the city center on Sunday. After no new Covid-19 cases were reported last Wednesday and the majority of adults were vaccinated, the mask requirement in British territory on the southern tip of Spain outdoors has been lifted. It only persists in shops and public transport. The night curfew has also ended. Bars and restaurants are again allowed to open until 2 a.m.

Peter, resident of Gibraltar:
“It’s good to get back to normal. Seeing all of the chairs and tables outside that I’ve missed over the past few months. To see that people enjoy it here. “

Catherine, resident of Gibraltar:
“With our vaccination card we can travel again at some point. Of course, that doesn’t work yet. I think we won’t travel again until the rest of the population in Europe has also been vaccinated. “

The 33,000 residents of Gibraltar were particularly hard hit by the pandemic. According to the Worldometer website, it had the highest death rate in Europe compared to the population, with 94 deaths. In the meantime, however, the last Covid-19 patient has been discharged from St. Bernard’s Hospital and 70 percent of the population has already been vaccinated. But not all trust the new situation.

Desire Gimenez, Tourist:
“I don’t feel safe. We got used to it, I leave the mask on. Although they are vaccinated, I am still scared and will continue to wear them. “

In fact, there are reasons for concern: the southern Spanish province of Andalusia, from which most of the workforce in Gibraltar comes, reported more than a thousand new infections for two days in a row last Thursday. Gibraltar therefore also vaccinates the around 10,000 Andalusian workers who cross the border every day.

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Coronavirus Gibraltar ends outdoor mask requirement


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