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Violations of corona rules


Hundreds of people celebrate in Munich’s squares

In the summer, many people from Munich celebrated at Wedekindplatz, now it was tight again (Archive image)

(Photo: Stephan Rumpf)

The mood of the people of Munich rises with the temperature: At the weekend there are numerous police operations against gatherings in public places.

After a certain hibernation, the mood of Munich’s citizens obviously rises again with the temperatures, and with it the number of police operations against gatherings in public places increases.

On Friday evening, the police cleared Wedekindplatz in Schwabing after around 500 people had stood close together, mostly without mouth and nose covers. A gathering of around 250 men and women was disbanded in Türkenstrasse. At the Geschwister-Scholl-Platz and the Monopteros in the English Garden, too, late in the evening, the officers encountered gatherings that could no longer be explained by the rule of “one household plus one person”. The officers sent everyone home here too.

Just like at Gärtnerplatz, where around midnight around 100 people, some of whom were heavily drunk, were still standing together. The police said on Sunday that those affected by the evictions were “not always immediately transparent.” Rather, “intensive communication was always necessary”.

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Corona intensive care unit in the Munich Clinic Schwabing, Schwabing Hospital

Corona intensive care unit in the Munich Clinic Schwabing, Schwabing Hospital

Health system at the limit


Doctors’ optimism is gone

The number of Covid-19 patients is increasing in the Munich clinics. The new virus variants make preparations difficult, the staff is scarce and tired after a year of continuous marathon. A management report.

By Ekaterina Kel

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Coronavirus Hundreds celebrating Munichs squares Munich


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