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Müller: “There are not millions of vaccination doses lying around” – Senate advises on resolutions of the Bund-Länder round

The Prime Ministers and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wrestled into opening steps on Wednesday until late at night. Shortly before midnight, Berlin’s Governing Mayor, Michael Müller (SPD), Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and Angela Merkel appeared in front of the press. Müller clearly contradicted the impression that there was less vaccination in the federal states as possible. “It is by no means the case that millions of vaccine doses are lying around somewhere,” he said.

Rather, it is so that many vaccination doses are already quota or are held back for second vaccinations. “The countries hold Vaccination doses back for a maximum of one week to compensate for possible delivery failures. In Berlin we only held back a fraction of what we could revile, “said the Governing Mayor. In the days before, they too had Prime Minister himself complained about a growing backlog of vaccination doses and called on the federal government to amend the vaccination ordinance.

Despite the loosening steps that were decided upon, starting at an incidence of 100 and more extensive openings starting at an incidence of 50, Müller warned against recklessness. “Yes, vaccinating us testing supports us. But we will have to continue to live with the known rules“, said Müller.” We must continue to avoid contacts and travel, restrict our mobility. But we flank this with vaccinations & testing for clearer relief. ”

Müller called these days the “most sensitive phase in the fight against pandemics”. He said: “It is not a time for easy answers. We have to deal with this situation very carefully. But we have to give perspective and hope. “At the same time, you shouldn’t open too quickly. Müller also appealed to the personal responsibility of each individual and the economy – Müller said nothing about the responsibility of politics in this phase of the pandemic.

Of the The Berlin Senate will discuss the resolutions of the Bund-Länder-Round today, Thursday. A meeting of the Senate is planned for 2 p.m., the round is planned for at least four hours. According to Tagesspiegel information, however, difficult debates are expected and thus a possibly much longer session.

Are in the red-red-green coalition not all parties are convinced that such far-reaching easing are epidemiologically meaningful from an incidence of 50 or more. It is seen as particularly critical that the vaccinations from general practitioners and a nationwide rapid test strategy will only be fully available from the beginning of April.

One Overview of all opening steps decided on Wednesday and the measures in the area of ​​vaccination and testing you can read here.

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