Coronavirus in Berlin: number of new infections at 663 – incidence drops slightly to 142.4 – Berlin


Where are 200,000 “compulsory tests” supposed to come from so quickly a week?

Of the Chief Executive of the Berlin-Brandenburg Trade Association, Nils Busch-Petersen, says about the ordinance of the Governing Mayor Michael Müller: “You should be able to implement ordinances that you issue. I learned that as a lawyer.”

Busch-Petersen sharply criticizes the fact that the trade now all of its employees with customer contact twice a week “compulsorily”. “We have around 100,000 people with customer contact. So I would need 200,000 tests. Where should we get them from? “Asks Busch-Petersen.

Big members of the trade association told him they were seeing currently no way to get legally certified tests in such large numbers so quickly. And even if the tests were sufficiently available, “we will take 200,000 rapid tests off the market, even though they are needed more urgently elsewhere,” he complains.

Because one thing is clear: thanks to the strict implementation of the hygiene rules, the employees in the retail sector are veritable no infection drivers. “And of all people they are now being forced to be tested.”

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Coronavirus Berlin number infections incidence drops slightly Berlin


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