Coronavirus in Germany and worldwide: Fewer new infections and deaths – incidence at 65.6 – knowledge


According to Stiko, the shortage of vaccinations will not end until May

The head of the Standing Vaccination Commission, Thomas Mertens, expects a significantly higher vaccination rate in Germany after April. He understands people’s frustration with vaccination management, Mertens told the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. “But the core of the problem is undoubtedly the lack of a vaccine so far. However, I assume that so much will be available in the second and third quarters that the centers will no longer be able to inoculate him ”, said the chairman of the group of experts based at the Robert Koch Institute.

He rejected criticism that general practitioners would not be used earlier for vaccinations. There have been good arguments not to involve the practices until enough vaccine has been delivered. In addition to sufficient cooling of the vaccination doses, the correct vaccination sequence must also be ensuredMertens pointed out. “Some could find it difficult to deal with” their patients “.”

From Mertens’ point of view, loosening for vaccinated persons, for example by means of their vaccination pass, is difficult to prevent, even if the vaccination commission, politics and ethics council had spoken out against compulsory vaccination. Doctors would have to document every vaccination anyway. “For things that are subject to a free contract, from attending a concert to a trip, the state would be badly advised if it interfered,” Mertens told the newspaper. But he mentioned a crucial difference: “Elementary everyday things must also be possible without vaccination protection, using public transport or staying in a hospital.” (Dpa)

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