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Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to do everything possible to break the third wave.


Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) emphasized again on Tuesday evening how important it is to break the third wave as quickly as possible. She again called for cooperation.

From red / dpa

March 30, 2021 – 10:21 pm

Berlin – Chancellor Angela Merkel has not yet decided what a stricter nationwide course to combat the corona pandemic could look like. “The process of reflection is not yet over,” said the CDU politician on Tuesday evening in Berlin. “I just know that in view of the third wave that we are in, it is important to do everything possible to break this wave as quickly as possible.”

Call for cooperation

The Chancellor had criticized some of the countries on Sunday evening in the ARD program “Anne Will” for not implementing the agreed resolutions against the pandemic. If that doesn’t happen “in the very foreseeable future”, she would have to think about how this could be regulated nationwide. “This is my oath of office, this is my obligation,” said Merkel and also referred to the Infection Protection Act.

According to an expert opinion by the Scientific Service of the Bundestag, the federal government can make far-reaching regulations on the fight against the corona pandemic for the federal states through infection protection law, which they would have to implement precisely. However, Merkel emphasized again on Tuesday evening: “Whatever path you choose, the federal and state governments must always work together.” There is not a single decision in Germany that is not made jointly between the federal and state governments.

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