Coronavirus in Germany: surprising statistics – why is so much of the Moderna vaccine left lying around?


In Germany there is a lot of discussion about the underused vaccine from Astrazeneca. The vaccine from another manufacturer is currently being administered even less.

Munich – While around 70 percent of all available vaccine doses were administered against the coronavirus in Germany, Austria is at least a little more efficient. Our neighbors in the south stand at 74.7 percent and are in seventh place in the EU ranking. This is shown by statistics from the ECDC, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Accordingly, there are two EU countries that have used their vaccination capacities to the full.

Lithuania and Estonia are at 100 percent. So every dose of vaccine has already been given. Denmark with 92.8 percent, Poland with 86.9 percent, Portugal with 82.9 percent and Greece with 81.9 percent are the next countries in the ranking. What is striking in some states: The vaccine from Moderna was administered comparatively little, despite the available doses. In Germany, of the 679,200 doses, only 176,579 have so far been inoculated. That corresponds to almost 26 percent.

Coronavirus vaccine: Astrazeneca is given more often on average

The much discussed and now unjustifiably vilified vaccine from Astrazeneca (new study shows the particularly good effectiveness), on the other hand, is used at least 32 percent with 466,596 of 1,452,000 doses. A similar picture emerges in Austria. Moderna has a rate of around 29 percent and Astrazeneca 35.7 percent. The data from the ECDC are provided twice a week by the individual countries, so they are relatively up-to-date.

One explanation for the reluctance to use the Moderna vaccine could be that it requires different handling than the Biontech / Pfizer product. At the end of January, the Ministry of Health said that the US manufacturer’s vaccine could not currently be used in vaccination centers. It should be used primarily in dialysis facilities to vaccinate their staff. Seriously ill patients could also be reached there. The target group is much smaller than that of Biontech and Astrazeneca.

Coronavirus vaccine: Hungary uses Sputnik V – and still does not get any further

In the basement of the EU ranking are the Netherlands with 62.1 percent, Hungary with 56 percent and Luxembourg with 54 percent. Interesting: Hungary, with its low vaccination rate, is the only European country that already uses the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. The vaccine is actually not approved in the EU. Compared to the image President Viktor Orban defended this step:

“The USA, Great Britain, Israel and Serbia are way ahead of us EU members. That’s why I’m looking for vaccines for my country where they are available, including China or Russia, as long as our authorities have checked and approved the active ingredients. ”The EU Commission failed to supply its population with vaccine“ quickly and effectively ” . So that’s how Hungary snatched the vaccine from Russia. The problem remains, however, that the Hungarian population does not yet seem to follow suit. (ta)

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Coronavirus Germany surprising statistics Moderna vaccine left lying


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