Coronavirus in the region: After “Easter rest” cancellation – Berlin Senate is planning a special session in the evening – Berlin


Campsite operators have to cancel all bookings for Easter

Campsite operators in Brandenburg are disappointed with the Corona travel restrictions on Easter. “Easter is part of our core business”, said the vice-president of the Federal Association of the Camping Industry in Brandenburg (BVCD), Jörg Klofski, the German press agency. According to the association, 60 out of a total of 174 places belong to the association. Most are been largely booked out, said Klofski, who himself runs a campsite on the Schervenzsee (Oder-Spree district). “Now we have to cancel all of them.”

The managing director of Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg (TMB), Dieter Hütte, had hoped that the meeting of the Chancellor and the Prime Minister on Monday would give him information on a further perspective. The hopes were not fulfilled. Many providers see their very existence threatened. “The needs are getting bigger and bigger,” said Hut. The He described the failure of the Easter business as “bitter”.

The camping association had hoped to be able to open for the start of the season in April. In a letter to Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD), the BVCD had spoken out in favor of an early and gradual opening of the campsites in Brandenburg. Camping be safe – that have the past season illustratesit says in it. “Camping is the healthiest type of vacation,” added Klofski. The association is now hoping for a start to the season on Whitsun.

In view of the increasing number of infections, the federal and state governments agreed on Tuesday night that further discourage tourist trips at home and abroad. You can travel anywhere, you just can’t find a place to stay. Because Hotels and apartments stay in all federal states even at Easter closed to tourists.

Accommodation bans and infection concerns kept many tourists away in Brandenburg in the Corona year 2020. Approximately 3.3 million people came to the country for vacation, round 38 percent less than in the previous year, the State Statistical Office of Berlin-Brandenburg announced at the beginning of March. The number of Overnight stays went around accordingly around 28 percent back to around 10.1 million, the lowest number since 2008. Unique Campsites attracted more visitors: 466,500 guests corresponded to one Growth of a good four percent compared to the previous year; in terms of overnight stays, it went up ten percent. That was the biggest rush since reunification. (dpa)

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Coronavirus region Easter rest cancellation Berlin Senate planning special session evening Berlin


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