Coronavirus: Pope celebrated Palm Sunday mass without pilgrims



Pope Francis celebrated the liturgical celebration of Palm Sunday on Sunday morning as the prelude to Holy Week. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, the commemoration of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem took place in a service in St.

The Pope celebrated Mass at the so-called Kathedra-Altar of St. Peter’s Basilica together with some cardinals. Around 120 people attended the service. Distance was kept on the benches, as provided for by the coronavirus protective measures. The fair was broadcast via internet platforms such as Vatican News and individual television and radio stations. The front area of ​​St. Peter’s Basilica was decorated with palm branches and olive trees.

All celebrations without pilgrims

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, all Easter week celebrations are held without pilgrims. On Good Friday the Pope reminds of the suffering and death of Christ in the Vatican basilica in the early evening.

The evening Stations of the Cross, which otherwise takes place at the Roman Colosseum, symbolically follows the stations of Jesus’ ordeal, will be relocated to St. Peter’s Square, as in the first Corona year, and will be held with the greatest possible exclusion of personally present participants.

The Easter Vigil, in which the church commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, begins on Holy Saturday at 7.30 p.m. and ends half an hour before the curfew, which applies from 10 p.m. The mass on Easter Sunday and the blessing “Urbi et orbi”, which is broadcast internationally by numerous broadcasters, do not take place on St. Peter’s Square as they used to be, but in the front part of St. Peter’s Basilica. The noon prayer on Easter Monday is said by the Pope in the library of the Apostolic Palace; it is broadcast as a live stream on the Internet.

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Coronavirus Pope celebrated Palm Sunday mass pilgrims


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