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Easter could be lonely. The incidence in the county jumped to 96.6 on Friday. After 42 infections, the limit of 100 is likely to be broken on Saturday. If this is exceeded on three consecutive days, the district must go into lockdown. In the daycare centers, the district office pulled the emergency brake on Friday: only emergency care is allowed there in the coming week.

Initially, the regulation applies to the first week of vacation up to and including April 4th. Only those who cannot ensure other care are allowed to bring their child to daycare on these days. Playgroups remain completely closed. Actually, the Corona rules in the Free State only provide for this step if the incidence value of 100 is exceeded on three consecutive days, but regional deviations are permitted. The district office justifies the early closure with the ability to plan for the daycare operator and the parents. It is expected that the limit will be exceeded on the weekend and the incidence will continue to rise. Then the district would become a hotspot and would have to go back into lockdown, as last applied in early March.

If the number of new infections continues to rise, this could be the case as early as the middle of next week. Stricter rules would then apply over the Easter holidays, including a nightly curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Meetings would only be allowed by members of one household with exactly one person from another household. Children under the age of 14 are not counted. The retail trade would have to close, only shops for daily needs should open. The possibility of buying via “Click & Meet” would be eliminated. Museums and cultural sites also remained completely closed in the lockdown, and joint sport would only be possible with members of your own household as well as a person from another household.

The district will advise on Monday with a view to the development of the seven-day incidence whether a corresponding general decree will be issued, said district office spokeswoman Barbara Beck. Then the extensive alcohol ban on lake promenades and heavily frequented places in the district will be extended, which expires on Tuesday night. One thing is already certain: The jetties on Lake Starnberg, which have been closed since the end of February, remain closed.

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Coronavirus Starnberg district threatens lockdown Starnberg


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