Country wants to test entire population over Easter


The spit tests are distributed free of charge to all households and should be used by the residents themselves. After ten minutes you have a result. The application is explained in the instructions supplied. “Each of our own actions can help to get the pandemic under control on the one hand, and on the other hand that the pandemic develops like a spiral into the negative,” said Doskozil.

Situation in the hospitals “dramatic and tense”

Doskozil appealed together with Bishop Egidius Zsifkovics, Superintendent Manfred Koch and Medical Association President Michael Lang to comply with the corona measures. The situation in the Burgenland hospitals is dramatic and very tense. On Sunday there were 25 patients in the intensive care units, in the meantime this number has fallen back to 20.


Around 300,000 spit tests are sent to all residents of Burgenland

But there could be no talk of relaxation. “That has to do with the fact that we have had five deaths in the intensive care units in the past few days,” said Doskozil. What is needed now is broad unity among the population, said Doskozil. Diocesan Bishop Egidius Zsifkovics and Superintendent Manfred Koch also emphasized this solidarity – especially at Easter. It is important to adhere to all measures. This is the only way to find the way out of the crisis into a better future.

“Our everyday life is currently Covid-19. With all the consequences, in the social area, in the economic area and in the area of ​​relationships, ”said Superintendent Koch. “It is very important to me that we all perform here together. We can only put a stop to this virus if everyone works together, ”said Diocesan Bishop Zsifkovics.

Lang: An enormous burden for doctors and nurses

Medical Association President Michael Lang emphasized that the hospitals were “on the verge of collapse”. Because there is no longer enough space in the intensive care units, the last available beds that can be converted would have to be converted into intensive care beds. There is a risk that not only Covid 19 patients, but also people with other diseases can no longer be adequately cared for in the future. The burden for the doctors and nurses is enormous. “It is a constant burden, the struggle with constant death,” emphasized Lang.

PK on the state's test offensive: Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ)


Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ)

The next few days will show whether the Easter rest period will be extended, but one will definitely wait until Friday, said Doskozil. In any case, a common path is important and that all measures are coordinated across the federal states, said Doskozil. “Yes, we have to take measures, but we have to take these measures in a coordinated manner. We will therefore try to at least agree with Lower Austria this week, so that we will proceed in a coordinated manner for the next few days and weeks. That is very important in this situation, ”said Doskozil.

ÖVP criticizes the setting of the test bus

The discontinuation of the Covid-19 test bus that was traveling in southern Burgenland caused criticism from the Burgenland ÖVP. “Especially now, when the pandemic is taking on dramatic proportions and intensive care beds are becoming scarce, the SPÖ government is canceling this important measure,” emphasized ÖVP Federal Councilor Bernhard Hirczy. Doskozil said that talks are currently underway between the Chamber of Commerce and State Councilor Leonhard Schneemann (SPÖ). He could imagine that the test bus could serve the economy and businesses exclusively in the future.

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Country test entire population Easter


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