Court case in Vaduz – “Scheissschweizer” and “Scheissmigrant” – pensioners insulted passengers and let their pants down on the bus


Court case in Vaduz

“Scheissschweizer” and “Scheissmigrant” – pensioners insulting passengers and dropping their pants on the bus

On Tuesday, a man from the Principality of Liechtenstein had to answer before the regional court. He was charged with discrimination, exhibitionism and sexual harassment.

The pensioner was heavily drunk when the incident occurred.

Daniel Schwendener

The pensioner insulted a man as a “shit Swiss” and another passenger on the bus as a “shit migrant”. Then he let his pants down and “wagged” his genitals for at least seven seconds.

The mid-60-year-old was heavily drunk on that day in August 2020, which is why he stated in court that he can only vaguely remember the incident. Nevertheless, the man confessed to discrimination.

“I guess I should have said something like that. But only because I was provoked. “

He apologized to one of the men, who was also present in the room as a witness and a private participant.

Pensioner rejects the guilt

Regarding the other two allegations, however, the pensioner denied any guilt. Doing such a thing would be against his character, he insisted. He also had a prostate operation behind him, which is why he would only have made a fool of himself if he had exposed his genitals, which resembled a “stub”. But then he couldn’t completely rule it out. Since two witnesses who are unrelated to each other independently gave identical statements, the case was clear to the judge at the end of the hearing. The pensioner was found guilty.

“I don’t feel mentally ill”

The most important question that had to be clarified in the hearing was whether the mid-60s should be admitted to an institution for lawbreakers who need to be weaned, as demanded by the public prosecutor. The defendant could not understand this. “I find that very blatant and not justified,” he said. Contrary to the forensic-psychological report, which attests to him having a bipolar affective disorder, which has been demonstrable since 2010 and has had a severe course since 2018, the defendant insisted not to feel mentally ill.

According to the report, he has also been suffering from alcohol addiction since 2019. But the mid-60s didn’t want to know anything about that either. “I have no problem at all with alcohol. I don’t drink hard things, just an occasional beer. ” He could only agree with the report that his sanity was severely impaired.

Would therapy have negative consequences?

While both the public prosecutor’s office and the appraiser insisted on admission to an institution for lawbreakers who needed to be weaned, the defense and the trustee responsible for the pensioner spoke out in favor of outpatient therapy. The latter stated that inpatient treatment would have more negative consequences than positive effects, as the accused would be torn out of a network that had been built up over the past few years by various institutions and authorities. The trustee also emphasized that he perceived the accused as reliable and responsible.

Before the judge delivered his judgment, the defense, public prosecutor and the private prosecutor each made their pleadings. The latter demanded damages of around 8,100 francs for his client – the man in front of whom the defendant let his pants down. Because, as the man described, the incident brought him into a “mental imbalance”.

The defendant was given one last chance

The public prosecutor’s office demanded the guilty verdict and the briefing. The defense emphasized that the severe reduction in criminal liability had to be taken into account. The fact that the pensioner confessingly shows himself and is ready to be treated on an outpatient basis should be assessed as mitigating. The judge finally gave the accused one last chance: the briefing and a three-month prison sentence were conditionally postponed for three years. In addition, the judge issued instructions for outpatient alcohol cessation therapy.

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Court case Vaduz Scheissschweizer Scheissmigrant pensioners insulted passengers pants bus


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