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The 7-day incidence continues to rise.
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According to the country’s dashboard, 724 people were considered to be actively positive Corona cases as of Sunday lunchtime. The 7-day incidence continues to rise.

As of Sunday 4 p.m .: According to the country’s dashboard, 59 new infections were recorded by Sunday afternoon, and the number of newly-readings was given as 31.

On Wednesday, the number of new corona infections (99) reached the highest value since January 13th.

There were no fatalities in connection with the corona virus until Sunday afternoon, so far 280 people in Vorarlberg have died from or with the virus.

Seven-day incidence

After a relatively high number of new infections were recorded in the past few days, the 7-day incidence has also risen again. If the 7-day incidence was around 60 a week ago, it was already 122.4 on Sunday.

A look at the other federal states shows that Vorarlberg still has by far the lowest number of infections. In all other federal states, the seven-day incidence is just under or over 200.

Situation in the hospitals

Yesterday, two people with Covid-19 were admitted to the hospitals, one could be discharged. A total of 25 patients are treated as inpatients. There are 112 normal beds for COVID-19 patients, 88 of which are still available. In addition, 200 normal beds for Covid-19 patients have been prepared in the Dornbirn emergency care center.

As of today, a total of 52 beds are available for intensive medical treatment of patients. A Covid-19 patient currently has to be treated in the intensive care unit. In addition, 20 non-Covid patients receive intensive care. Currently 31 intensive care beds are still available for all patient groups.

Nine employees have tested positive for corona, 11 are also in quarantine.

Nine hospital employees were infected with the corona virus, and eleven more were in quarantine.

Numbers from the districts

Figures from the municipalities

All information about the corona pandemic on VOL.AT

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Covid19 active cases Vorarlberg incidence rises Coronavirus


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