Covid-19 in migrants: How large weddings increase the incidence of infections


“Corona infections in Göttingen’s extended family” or “Clan burial in Essen: 750 mourners” – headlines like this have been read more often in recent months. Although official figures are missing, several doctors from different federal states have confirmed to FOCUS Online that the proportion of migrants among Corona patients in their clinics is noticeable.

Adverse working conditions: “Nobody can do a home office”

The Cologne social psychologist Musa Deli explains why this is so. One factor is that a comparatively large number of people with a migration background work in factories. The working conditions there are bad, he says in an interview with “Spiegel”: “Nobody can do a home office there. You have to work in shifts, even at night, or you have to deal with dangerous substances.”

A working environment that mainly surrounded the first generation of guest workers – and many of them today suffer from previous illnesses. This in turn makes this group all the more vulnerable, also in view of the severe corona courses.

Cramped housing situation: “Grandparents cannot simply be isolated”

Added to this is the often cramped housing situation for migrants. Deli says: “Several generations live together in a number of Turkish households. The grandparents cannot simply be isolated. Where should they go?” The cohesion in the family is very important.

Weddings with many guests: “Believe that fate is already given by God”

When asked about Turkish and Arab weddings as potential drivers of infection, the 38-year-old social psychologist says: “I keep hearing that celebrations are taking place in secret. This is a disaster at the moment.” With some strictly religious Muslims he experiences a “certain fatalism”. Deli continues: “They believe that their fate is predetermined by God anyway, which is why they do not take the protective measures so seriously.”

In addition, the social pressure on parents to organize a big wedding for their children is sometimes very high. Celebrating only on a small scale is difficult for the families: “Many acquaintances and friends would be offended if they weren’t invited.” At a wedding celebration with numerous guests, the start-up capital “comes together for a couple to build a life together”.

In many conservative families, couples are not allowed to move in together until they are married. Deli states: “The pandemic has been going on for a very long time, it is difficult to wait.”

Understanding problems for many migrants: “This is a huge topic”

In addition to the cultural factors that can promote a corona infection, the head of the health center for migrants in Cologne also names language barriers: “This is a huge topic.” The German authorities would assume “that people will somehow find out more about the German local media or German television. But many, especially among the elderly, do not.” Instead, many would receive the channels in their home countries – in their own mother tongue.

Although there are also strict requirements in Turkey, for example, it is a matter of understanding the meaning behind the requirements. Only in this way could they ultimately be implemented. Multilingual flyers, such as those found in many authorities, would not help either: “I have seen people come out of the health department with such slips of paper and toss them into the nearest trash without reading them.”

Large proportion of illiterate people: “How about videos in their native language?”

The problem: There are many illiterate people in the first generation of guest workers. Deli sharply criticizes the communication strategy of the German offices: “It completely ignores the media behavior of many migrants.”

The psychologist asks: “How about videos in the native language or audio files that can be sent via WhatsApp? With simply formulated messages.” After all, almost everyone has a cell phone – and: “Conspiracy theorists from all over the world have long understood this principle. Their messages are getting through.”


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Covid19 migrants large weddings increase incidence infections


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