Covid-19 Research: Twenty Symptoms Related to Corona


It’s called the Covid Symptom Study and this app is being used in the UK to try to learn more about the coronavirus. Those who use them can, for example, report information on symptoms such as strange or noticeable changes in the skin or upload photos. From the data and images obtained in this way, researchers have found that the Covid 19 disease does not pass our largest organ, the skin, without a trace. According to a study, various changes occur partly before and partly during the disease.

In total, the app lists twenty different symptoms to look out for. First the core symptoms: fever, persistent cough, loss of smell / taste. There are seven key symptoms derived from this: cough, fever, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, loss of smell. According to the app, 96 percent of people with these seven symptoms were found to have a corona infection.

But other symptoms should also make us suspicious, it says on the website, and these include chills or chills, sore throats, sudden delirium, especially in the elderly, changes in the tongue, sore or blistered spots on fingers or toes, shortness of breath, chest pain , Muscle pain, hoarse, rough, thick voice, diarrhea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, runny nose.

Are not headaches the same as headaches?

Headaches before Covid disease are apparently different from ordinary ones. A British study had already taken a closer look at this in May 2020 and analyzed the descriptions of the pain suffered by those affected. There were clear differences: According to this, headaches related to Covid-19 are pulsating, pressing or stabbing, they occur on both sides of the head, last longer than three days and conventional headache relievers do not work on them. The pain occurs at the very beginning of the disease and lasts for three to five days. Long-Covid also has this “type” of headache, but it subsides by itself.

According to the study, they occurred in all age groups. An average of seven out of ten adults described it as a symptom, and six out of ten in children. 15 percent of Covid-19 sufferers described this headache as the only symptom. But how do you know whether it is “just a headache” or whether it is an indication of a Covid 19 start? Then watch out for side symptoms of loss of smell and unusual tiredness, according to the researchers. It is unclear whether the headaches are caused by dehydration or starvation because people did not eat and drink regularly – or whether the virus affects the brain directly and the pain is caused by this. 3,458 people took part in the study. The investigation was carried out using a questionnaire in the first two weeks of May 2020.

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Covid19 Research Twenty Symptoms Related Corona


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