Covid-19 situation in Upper Austria: 398 new infections, over 200,000 people vaccinated (as of March 30, 5 p.m.)


Upper Austria. From March 29th to March 30th, 398 new Covid-19 infections were reported by the state of Upper Austria, after 360 the previous day. A total of 4,585 Upper Austrians are currently infected. In view of the increasing numbers, the hospital beds were also increased in Upper Austria from Saturday, March 27th.

The number of current Covid-19 cases in Upper Austria is 4,585 on March 30, 5 p.m., after 4,647 the previous day. A total of 98,728 reported cases have so far been recorded in Upper Austria (including recovered and deceased people). The number of people in quarantine was 11,309 as of March 30th.

By far the most cases in absolute numbers were also recorded on March 30th, as of 5 p.m., in the Vöcklabruck district with 667 cases, after 629 the previous day. The Braunau district has 480 active cases (previous day 530), the Linz-Land district 407 (previous day 421). All other districts and cities are currently below the 400 mark.

The Vöcklabruck district currently has the most cases per 100,000 inhabitants with 486, ahead of the Braunau district with 455 and the Kirchdorf district with 435.

All figures from the individual districts are below to find.

398 new positive cases, action in high incidence counties (March 29)

From March 29th to 30th at noon 396 new positive cases were reported in Upper Austria, after 360 cases the previous day.

The state of Upper Austria wants to counteract the high 7-day incidence in districts with the action plan “Prevention instead of blocking”. An incidence of 400 over several days – here there is a risk of compulsory testing to leave the country – is to be prevented. Details on The previous measures for districts with a high 7-day incidence would have an effect if they were to be applied in the districts of Vöcklabruck and Braunau as well as in Wels-Stadt. More information at

The 7-day incidence in Upper Austria on March 30th was 228.9 (previous day: 230), throughout Austria at 257.7 (previous day: 260.1) – according to AGES Dashboard. The highest incidence in Upper Austria was in the Braunau district with 393.2 on March 30, the Rohrbach district had the lowest incidence with 92. All details are on Dashboard of the state of Upper Austria to find.

Situation with virus mutations

In calendar week 11 (March 15 to 21), all positive PCR tests carried out showed a mutation rate of 79.09 percent.

Current status of South Africa mutation (March 30th)

  • Gmunden district: 1 suspected case and 5 confirmed cases.
  • Vöcklabruck district: 2 confirmed cases.
  • Linz-Stadt district: 10 suspected cases.
  • Linz-Land district: 2 confirmed cases.

There were no changes compared to the previous day.

Vaccination status in Upper Austria

As of March 29th, 266,078 vaccinations were carried out in Upper Austria (previous day: 255,170), of which

  • Retirement and nursing homes: 22.807
  • Hospitals: 24,797
  • Over 80 (outside APH): 59,419
  • Resident doctors: 2,051
  • Emergency services: 6,539
  • Institutions under the Equal Opportunities Act: 6,339
  • Vaccination roads: 21,680
  • High-risk patients and close relatives: 43,837
  • New – educational institutions: 13,401
  • 2. Teilimpfung: 65.208

The total number of vaccinated people in Upper Austria is 200,870 people, after 190,764 people the day before.

Registration for the next possible vaccination offer for everyone aged 16 and over is open possible. However, this is not yet a registration for a specific vaccination date. At the same time, those responsible ask for reliable compliance with vaccination appointments.

Vaccination offers for people over 65 years of age

The decree of the Ministry of Health dated March 15, according to which the population group over 65 years of age is to be given preferential vaccination, has a corresponding effect on the vaccination plan of the state of Upper Austria. The over 65-year-olds are now gradually receiving a vaccination offer, according to the plan, a first part of the employees in the education sector will be vaccinated at the end of March (the beginning will be made by childcare facilities and elementary schools). All details on the current procedure of the state of Upper Austria are available at

At the same time, the state of Upper Austria accepts the recommendation of the National Vaccination Committee to extend the interval between the first and second vaccination for vaccines from BioNTech / Pfizer and Moderna to six weeks. This means that around 67,000 more primary vaccinations can be carried out in Upper Austria in the next few weeks. More information on

Corona tests carried out in Upper Austria, positive rate at 0.28 percent

On March 28, a total of 28,720 corona tests (PCR + antigen) were carried out in Upper Austria (excluding pharmacies and businesses).

  • PCR-Tests: 2.759
  • Antigen tests: 25,961, including– 7,284 antigen tests in the country’s test streets

From January 25th to March 29th, 2 p.m., a total of 1,402,527 rapid tests were carried out in Upper Austria. 3,942 tests were positive, the positive rate is still 0.28 percent.

The registration for the permanent test offer in Upper Austria, including the locations with mobile test teams, is open possible. All information including locations and opening times can be found here.

Tests of people with symptoms are still only to be carried out after contacting the health number 1450.

The country’s new test bus in use

Since Thursday, March 25th, a test bus from the state of Upper Austria has been in use, which can be sent precisely to those places with a high 7-day incidence. More info:

Situation in hospitals, beds were increased (March 30)

The number of people in Upper Austria who are treated for a coronavirus disease in a normal ward in the hospital is 247 as of March 29, 5 p.m. (Lecture 232). 72 people need intensive medical care (previous day: 69).

In the Upper Austrian hospitals, the crisis plans were reactivated and the intensive care capacities were expanded. The number of beds was increased on Saturday March 27th. Due to the current trend and the AGES forecast calculation, 103 intensive care beds for Covid-19 patients and 147 ICU beds for other clinical pictures are currently being operated within level 3. In addition, 400 beds are available for Covid-19 patients in the normal wards.

Positive cases in schools (March 30th)

Currently there are 239 Upper Austria. School locations (previous day 242) affected by Covid-19: 473 pupils (previous day 485), 48 teachers (previous day 45) and eleven people (previous day eleven), who are part of the other school staff, have tested positive for Covid-19 (status : March 29, 2021).

Situation in the old people’s and nursing homes (March 30)

Currently, 24 employees (previous day 23) and ten residents in 19 Upper Austrian retirement and nursing homes have tested positive for Covid-19. (As of March 29, 2021).

1,586 deaths in Upper Austria (March 30)

As of March 30, 5 p.m., the statistics counted 1,586 deaths in connection with Covid-19 in Upper Austria. Six deaths had to be reported in the past 24 hours:

  • 72-year-old patient, living in the Braunau district, with previous illnesses, date of death: 28.03. (Schärding Clinic)
  • 84-year-old patient, living in the Braunau district, with previous illnesses, date of death: 29.03. (KH Braunau)
  • 65-year-old patient, living in the Linz-Land district, with previous illnesses, date of death: 29.03. (KUK Linz)
  • 88-year-old patient, living in the Wels-Land district, previous illnesses unknown, date of death: 28.03. (died at home)
  • 85-year-old patient, living in the Ried district, with previous illnesses, date of death: 29.03. (BHS Ried)
  • 94-year-old patient, living in the Braunau district, with previous illnesses, date of death: 29.03. (BHS Ried)

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