Covid survived – psyche sick ???


Why do some social security agencies pay nothing?

Vienna (OTS) The pta – psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic – has started an exemplary initiative in cooperation with the ÖGK: special “Post COVID psychotherapy groups”. There is an opportunity to develop a coping strategy for dealing with the social and psychological effects of the virus.

Group psychotherapy is free of charge for those insured by the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK). The duration of treatment depends on the respective situation and the therapy goals raised in the initial psychotherapeutic consultation.

Unfortunately, the ÖGK is up to now the only social insurance company that also covers the costs of psychotherapeutic treatment especially for this group of patients. In the past six years, pta has proven to be a competent and efficient partner of the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (formerly WGKK). In 80 psychotherapy groups with different focuses, around 800 patients find support in coping with their personal situation through psychosocial counseling as well as clinical-psychological diagnostics and specialist consultations with the pta consultant psychiatrist.

The pta appeals to social security agencies such as SVS or BVAEB to offer their customers the opportunity to receive free psychotherapeutic help.

Unfortunately, due to the various COVID regulations, there is no possibility of holding a press conference on this topic.
* A press conference in the pt outpatient clinic is not possible due to the regulations (places where health services are provided are only allowed to be entered by employees, patients and therapists under strict conditions).
* The closed catering prevents you from inviting you to a press conference in a pub.
* And an outdoor press conference is also unsafe – aside from the current temperatures – as it might be a gathering of more than four people ….

We invite you to speak directly to the technical manager, Dipl. Päd. Markus J. Daimel and the technical manager Mag. Vanja Poncioni-Rusnov.

They not only present the project to you, but would also like to take this opportunity to call on the health care providers to make these options available to their insured persons as well.

Please let us know how we can be at your disposal: via Zoom / Skype / telephone or with a visit to the editorial office / in the studio.

Please arrange your personal meeting either on +43 1 710 5764 or by email to [email protected]

Inquiries & contact:

Herbert Dobrovolny
Press officer pta
T: 0664/11 76 555

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Covid survived psyche sick


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