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Federal General Medicine Section of the ÖÄK: “There are numerous unbeatable arguments to rely even more on the resident area when vaccinating the population.”

Vienna (OTS) “The already high willingness of colleagues to administer COVID vaccinations and thus make a major contribution to fighting pandemics is increasing day by day,” says Edgar Wutscher, chairman of the Federal General Medicine Section (BSAM) of the Austrian Medical Association. This means that there are thousands of ordinations across Austria ready to vaccinate large parts of the population at top speed – as soon as they finally get the necessary vaccine. “A huge advantage is that there is already a well-coordinated infrastructure that can guarantee vaccine supplies close to home. There are practically no set-up costs, ”emphasizes Wutscher.

In addition, trust in the family doctor plays a significant role in large parts of the population. “Of course, many people prefer to be vaccinated by the doctors they trust in so many other areas of their health. This trust is worth its weight in gold, especially when it comes to current questions about the use of vaccines and your personal risk profile, ”says Wutscher. In addition, there is also the gold standard of vaccination at the doctor. “Only with the doctor is there the greatest possible safety with the vaccination. The medical expertise to ensure well-founded vaccination information and determination of vaccination suitability cannot be replaced by anything, ”said the BSAM chairman. Austria must absolutely maintain this high standard in terms of patient safety. “Anyone who believes that pharmacists or hotel employees can be trained to vaccinate with rapid boiling courses is guilty of negligence and exposes the population to a high risk,” says Wutscher, who finds such considerations “grotesque”.

The majority of the vaccines should land permanently in the resident area

All these arguments allow only one conclusion for Wutscher: The established area must be given even greater consideration in the vaccination strategy. “A majority of the available vaccines have to end up in the private practice area,” Wutscher demands a quota regulation: “Only if you make greater use of the strengths and the great dedication of the resident doctors, a mega-project like vaccination of the population can be done in the best possible way with high time pressure succeed ”, he sums up.

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